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Now I'm back to the 9-5 grind, it feels like absolute lifetime ago now that we were having the time of our lives in Iceland. I mentioned on an Instagram post yesterday that I was SO jealous of my past self,  the snowy island really is the most amazing place and if you were ever even slightly thinking about visiting, I'd wholeheartedly urge you to go ahead & bloody well do it!

The best thing we did was hiring a car & having the free roam of the county as it gave us the opportunity to see some pretty freaking amazing things, five of which I'm going  to be introducing you to today.

Being a volcanic Island, Iceland is packed full of huge craters, one being Kerio. We visited in early March when the crater lake was completely frozen over, & I've honestly never seen anything like it, it was truly beautiful. I'm sure it looks breath taking in non frozen form, but the icy glaze gave the experience SO much more pizazz. We were able to walk around the top of the crater 55 meters up, gaining an almost birds eye view of the crater, which later lead to a separate trail taking you to the base of the lake, both views being totally mesmerising! We paid 400ISK to visit the crater which at present equates to approximately £2.80 a price I'd pay time & time again for these spectacular views.

If you're ever looking for anywhere to unleash your inner explorer, this is it! Raudholar, or the red hills as they're also known are the perfect place for rock climbing, lake exploring and crater viewing. We explored the red hills on our first full day in Iceland as it's only a 15 minute drive from Reykjavik & it certainly paved the way for the rest of the holiday. We even saw an organised horse trail while we were out and about exploring which was lovely, the guide even took a bit of time out to have a laugh & a joke with us. When we visited Roudholar was totally deserted which was a luxury, the vast majority of things we saw & did were very touristy, which is all well and good but sometimes the hidden secrets are the best ones!

Possibly the most popular attractions in Iceland, Gullfoss consists of two absolutely huge waterfalls in the Hvita river. When we visited, I was probably the coldest I've been in my ENTIRE life! In all honesty, there were times when I almost felt like I couldn't enjoy the waterfall due to how bitterly cold it was, but in seriousness Gullfoss was truly breathtaking. I'm pretty confident you couldn't find a similar waterfall in a million miles - It's truly sensational!

Black Sand Beach.
I love a beach as much as the next person. but black sand beach in Vik, is unbelievable. Granted it's a long ass three hour journey from Reykjavik down the south coast of the Island, but it's SO SO worth it! As the name suggests the beach is jet black, but is also home to stunning basalt cliffs and sea stacks which make for the most perfect pictures. As sad as it sounds too we scooped up a portion of the sand & have put it in a vase we have in our lounge. We've been collecting sand from our holidays together & the black pebbled section makes such an interesting contrast. We didn't do it as we were quite pushed for time, but you can also take a 4km walk to the famous Solheimasandur plane crash wreckage, which I'm sure is an amazing yet haunting sight.

I didn't want to bore you with a load of waterfalls, but the two on my list aren't to be missed! What I loved so much about Skogafoss, is the beautiful fricken double rainbow at the bottom. It was an amazing sight which instantly took my breath away, it was SO SO beautiful! We also got to venture up to the top of the waterfall, where all we could see was white snow for miles. It was a sensational view - I'd 1000000% recommend if you get the chance.

There's so much to see in Iceland, these are just five of my faves from our trip. Have you ever visited any of them? What was your favourite thing to do in Iceland?



  1. This is so cool. I'm planning a trip to Iceland next year so great inspiration.

  2. Gullfoss looks incredible! It kind of reminds me of multiple little versions of Niagara Falls.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode


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