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If you follow my social media channels you'll no doubt know I've recently been to Iceland. Lord knows, I've been spamming my Insta with images upon images of beautiful Icelandic scenery.
We stayed in Reykjavik, which in itself is a beautiful city, and you'd definitely fill a few days exploring, but one of the best parts of the holiday for me was venturing out & doing the 'less touritsy' things the Island has to offer.

We hired a Dacia Duster from Lagoon Car Rentals which for a full weeks use was surprisingly affordable, especially split between the four of us, it was such good value for money. We could have hired a more affordable hatchback style car, but for what we needed it for, a smaller car wouldn't have cut it - Even in the 4x4 we got stuck in the snow at one point! Eeek!

In Iceland they drive on the right hand side of the road, so adjusting to driving on what we see as being the wrong side of the road was initially really strange. Thankfully it was really easy adjusting, much easier than we first thought, it only took driving a few miles and going over a few roundabouts to get accustomed to this new way of driving. So if you're nervous about it, don't be & don't let it put you off trying it, because it opened up so much more of the Island for us & definitely made Iceland the best holiday for us!

There are so many excursions (that are so flipping expensive btw) that you can book once you get to Iceland, but prebooking the 4x4 gave us SO much more freedom. We could set off when we wanted, stopped off where we wanted & took unexpected detours where we wanted... And there were a lot of unexpected detours! There's so much to see in Iceland, it seems such a shame to see select parts of the Island from a tour bus window.

I'll be going into a bit more detail over the next few weeks of what we saw in Iceland, so watch this space!

Have you been to Iceland before? What's the best thing you did on the Island?


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