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Beauty | The Importance Of Double Cleansing.

All hail the double cleanse! Skincare is something I’ve gotten into quite heavily since blogging, I’m a firm believer in less is more however something I won’t compromise is double cleansing.

It took me a while to get on board with double cleansing. I’d been pretty lazy when it came to skincare, and makeup for that matter, but It really shocked me to see how much makeup and dirt is still left on the skin after a single cleanse. The face goes through quite a lot during the day so it’s really beneficial to look after it.

To remove the main bulk of makeup I like to begin my cleansing routine with a product that’s oil based, as it’s these oils that actually draw the makeup out of the skin. A simplistic yet amazingly effective product to do this is Coconut Oil. At the moment I’m using the Neals Yard Remedies organic coconut oil, however a product like this can just as easily be picked up while doing the weekly grocery shop. Massaging the coconut oil into the skin & leaving it to sit for a couple of minutes before rinsing removes the vast majority of the days makeup and leaves the skin feeling hydrated and silky smooth. I love using this on a morning as the scent is really refreshing & makes me feel ready for what they day has to offer. 
A pricier but albeit more luxurious option is the Emma Hardie Moringa CleansingBalm, which is rich in Grape Seed & Sweet Almond oils so it not only cleanses the skin, but also leaves the face feeling plump, hydrated and mega refreshed. The Moringa Cleansing Balm comes complete with a microfiber cleansing cloth, a super fluffy cloth which seems to magnetise all of the days makeup & grime off of the face.

After going in with an oil based cleanser, I then like to use a gentle face wash to remove any excess oil. Either that or if I’m feeling lazy, I’ll swipe a cotton pad doused in Micellar Water over my face, both products have a similar effect. A new Micellar Water I’ve been using is the Soap & Glory Drama Clean, a cucumber scented product which admittedly did take me a little getting used to, but I’ve now embraced the scent and find this product perfect to use on a morning. If I have any excess makeup up on my face, I’ll then go in with The Body Shops CamomileGentle Eye Makeup Remover* to get rid of any last final bits & to leave my skin feeling soft & subtle.

After double cleansing, whether it’s on a morning or an evening, it’s always really important to put moisture back into the skin, so going in with a moisturiser is essential. At the moment I’m loving using the Soap & Glory Righteous Butter because it’s so thick and hydrating – It’s absolutely ideal for my dry skin this time of year.

Do you double cleanse? If so what are your favourite products to use?

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