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Beauty | Lush So White.

Is it even #Blogmas if I don’t post about a Lush bath bomb?

I love this time of year, cosying up in front of the fire, drinking mugs upon mugs of hot chocolate and finishing nights indulging in Lush infused bubble baths. Sounds heavenly right? Today I’m going to be talking to you about the So White bath bomb from Lush: A very unassuming product that packs a hella load of punch!

So what’s the big surprise you ask!... Well, So White is a super bright white apple themed bath bomb, but when you pop it in the bath, well that’s where the party starts! Gone is the unassuming white bath bomb, and out comes  a blue & yellow swirl of foam as well as an explosion of gorgeous smells, making the most divine bath. I’ve seen bath bombs foam, but with So White, it’s a whole different story!

So White is predominantly apple based so has a beautifully crisp scent. This is what initially drew me to the product, I think after attending the #WildAboutLeeds event last month & having a preview of The Body Shops spiced apple range, I’ve been going apple crazy! As well as being super appley, So White is packed full of all kinds of nourishing oils including bergamot, neroli & orange oil which leaves the skin feeling amazing. SoWhite is so moisturising & perfect for this time of year, in fact it’d make an amazing Christnas Eve pamper night product… Does anyone else plan their baths this far in advance. Ha!

Have you tried So White before? What’s your favourite Lush bath bomb?

Thank you for reading. Have a lovely Christmas.

2 comments on "Beauty | Lush So White."
  1. This is my all time favourite bath bomb - I've ordered three already this year!!

    Edie x

    1. Haha. That's amazing Edie! :-) I'm definitely going to pick up another before the new year! X