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Makeup has been a constant in my life for the last decade or so, however something that hasn’t is makeup tools. I was very much a hands on kinda gal when I was younger & had a slapdash approach when it came to applying (or hurtling) makeup to my face.

Last month I was very kindly invited to The Body Shop#WildAboutLeeds event where I was rather generously gifted with a few beauty tools, some of which I’m going to talk to you about today.

The Body Shop Cleansing Sponge* is the product  I was most excited to try, I’m quite big on skincare, especially around this time of year (as soon as November comes around it seems that my skin instantly transforms into sand paper) so any tools that can help within my skincare regime are very much welcome. The sponge is incredibly soft & squishy to touch which as I’m sure you can imagine, feels so amazing on the skin, especially when added with an incredible cleanser. The sponge is the absolute perfect size, and shape for that matter… A couple of quick sweeps and the face is thoroughly cleansed which is great if you’re on the lookout for super speedy ways to cut down your skincare regime. The BodyShop Cleansing Sponge has been a great addition to my skincare regime, It’s not a product that’ll last forever, but as the product only costs £4.00 I think it’s great. It’d make a brilliant addition in a skincare Christmas hamper.

It’s only over the last year or so that I’ve used lash curlers (I’m a bad blogger I know) as beforehand I’d always deemed it unnecessary, I’ve always been one for speed when it comes to makeup so if a stage can be swept under the rug, I’m 100% going to be sweeping! The Body ShopEyelash Curlers* have definitely helped give my lashes a bit of oomph, curling each and every one of them & making them look as fluttery as possible. It’s amazing the difference lash curlers make when applying mascara, and even though I still kind of see it as not 100% necessary, I’ll use this product pretty much every day, I’m sure.


The Body Shop isn’t a place I’d necessarily shop in for makeup brushes, I’m not entirely sure why, it’s just not the first place that springs to mind, so I was really excited when I opened The Body Shop EyeshadowBrush*. I don’t wear eyeshadow that often, for me it’s something I wear on special occasions, or when I’m feeling particularly experimental (yupp, I’m wild) so this brush felt like a total treat. The brush is quite dense for its size & had a super flat edge, which makes it a great tool for packing eyeshadow onto the lid. It’s not too great at blending, but I’d usually use a fluffier brush to ensure a seamless transition of colour, so that isn’t something that particularly bothers me. I love the look of The Body Shop brushes, they’re monochromatic, super sleek and simple, and looks great in my collection.

Surprisingly the product I’ve gotten way more use that I thought, is The Body Shop Brow & Lash Comb*. I’m all for spoolies, but this product has been amazing, especially when it comes to the lash side of things & separating mascara clumps. Again it’s something I haven’t particularly thought of before, but this brush is SO handy! It’s great and helps leave my lashes looking super long and defined.

I’m not sure if there’s too much you can say about tweezers, but The Body Shop Slanted Tweezers* have been great. I recently had my brows threaded and at the moment, they’re in that whispy type growing out stage, so going back in with these tweezers has been a must! Being slanted, they grip the hairs perfectly, ensuring pain free removal… Or as pain free as plucking can be!

I’ve really enjoyed trying out some of The Body Shops beauty tools, like I said, all five of these products aren’t tools I’d particularly go for, for one reason or another, but I’ve been really pleasantly surprised. I really must go to The Body Shop more often!

Do you shop in The Body Shop for beauty tools? What would you recommend? If not, tell me you’re favourite Body Shop product, I’m a sucker for the body butters.

Thank you for reading & have a wonderful Christmas.

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