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What better way to spend a Winters evening than with a bit of a pamper. The easiest way to feel pampered is with a face mask and for me I like to try new products & vary my face masks which is why I’m a big fan of 7th Heaven.

7thHeaven have a slight pick’n’mix vibe to me, their individual masks start from £1, so it’s really easy to pick a few up at a time, pop them in your bathroom drawers & pick one out at random. 7th Heaven have so many scents & formulas available, there’s definitely something for everyone & enough products to keep you going for a very long time.

The product I was most excited to try was the 7th Heaven Dead Sea Sheet Mask, as I’ve never actually tried a sheet mask before. Of course it didn’t totally fit my face (pip head over here) but by gum was it easier to apply. I loved the fuss free, zero mess element the sheet mask had, I literally took it out the packet, slapped it on my face and away we went! The Dead Sea Sheet Mask was refreshingly cold, in fact it got really freezing towards the end, but I think this really helped cleanse my skin. The mask contains dead sea salt, red algae & seaweed, which revived my tired looking skin & left it feeling refreshed and rehydrated.
The more traditional style face mask I have is the 7th Heaven Argan Oil Mud Mask. We all know argan oil is the best thing since sliced bread, and in face mask form, is no exception. The product applies like emulsion, which was a little strange at first, and I still don’t know if it’s a good or a bad thing. Just strange!  It dries really quickly though which is great, as you can feel the tightening effects almost instantly.  Spookily, the mask dried a creamy white, leaving me looking like Uncle Fester, so that gave me a couple of laughs – I sent various snapchat selfies to let everyone else into my Addams family secret! After leaving the product on for 15 minutes, it removes like an absolute dream leaving my skin feeling the most hydrated it’s felt in a long time. I’d definitely repurchase this little beauty!
As well as face masks, 7th Heaven also supply hair masks. I bagged myself the Coconut Protein Rescue Mask, which from the get go, I knew was going to work wonders. Anything coconutty always goes down an absolute treat with me & this totally lived up to expectations. You get SO much product within the sachet, which is an absolute bonus seen as though my hairs growing like I don’t know what right now. Not only is it getting longer, but it’s also getting thicker too, so the huge amount of product was very much appreciated. I left the beautifully scented hair mask on for just short of an hour & after thoroughly rinsing was left with super shiny, super manageable, healthy hair. There’s nothing more I could have wanted from this product!

Have you tried any of the 7th Heaven masks before? I’m definitely going to purchase some more and make my own little pick’n’mix drawer in my bathroom.

  1. I love these face masks, I think my favourites are the ones you have to peel off - so satisfying!