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If you've read my previous post 'I've Said Yes Now What Do We Do?' Then you'll know that Dan & I recently got engaged and have begun or journey of wedding planning. Today I'm going to talk to you about finding our perfect venue, and also let you into a little secret... We've set a date!

When discussing our Wedding, Dan & I knew we wanted quite a casual, stripped back kind of day, with close friends and family seeing us tie the knot. For us getting married isn't particularly about the day, we're not fussed on spending thousands of pounds on an all singing, all dancing wedding - We want the day be about us two getting married & sharing that special time with loved ones.

Dan & I are very outdoorsy people & have often chosen a holiday in the Lakes/Peaks over one abroad, so it seemed only natural to theme our big day around this. We love old country houses and barns situated in the middle of nowhere, so initially chose this as our starting point when looking for our perfect venue.
We're currently living in Leeds however there was no question for us on choosing a location to get married... We were going back up north. Back with our families, back where we came from. The North East has some stunning countryside wedding venues to offer however pretty much from the get go there was always a front runner for us... Nothing else seemed to compare.

Wrays Barn at Whinstone View was one of the very first Wedding Venue's we looked at, and it just felt right! The rustic charm, gorgeous gardens, perfect location and cute wooden log cabins. Wrays Barn brings together a mix of rustic woods and natural materials, but still has a modern charm to it with it's carefully thought out lighting & interior decor. It's the perfect setting for our natural country themed wedding. We considered all boxes to be ticked & we visited pretty much immediately.

We sat down with our wedding coordinator, discussed what it was we're after and fell in love with the place!

So that's it. No going back now! We're all booked up to tie the knot in 2018, and for us the date can't come quick enough!

Do you have any Wedding pinterest boards? If so, feel free to hook me up. It's all I'e been doing lately on mine.



  1. Aw yay! :)
    I had no idea you were from the NE and yes, it really does have some beautiful places.. perfect for wedding photography! :)
    Never heard of this place, but it looks stunning. :)


    1. Yeah, we moved down to Leeds 2 years ago after Dan got a job down here. We love Leeds, but home's home, & we can't imagine not getting married there. Thank you Caroline. X


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