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Beauty | Loreal Miss Hippe Mega Volume Mascara

I've fallen hook, line & sinker in love with Loreal over the last few months & a new favourite to my collection is the Miss Hippie Mega Volume Mascara.

I didn't particularly need a new mascara when I picked this beauty up a few weeks ago, I was very much making the most of the Boots three for two offer, so this is both a total fluke & godsend rolled into one.

Miss Hippie was created to give lashes a festival look, which initially I found a little confusing... Festival ready lashes? Is that even a thing?.. But I'm going to go with the loose connotation that this mascara leaves the lashes extra fluttery and feathery, which for me is exactly I desire from a mascara.
I want my lashes to appear voluminous, super jet black and lengthened, and this drugstore mascara does exactly that! Miss Hippie retails for £7.99 which I think is an absolute bargain, especially for the quality!
I'm very fussy when it comes to mascara wands but find this one coats every single one of my lashes perfectly due to it's short bristles super fuzzy brush. I love applying this product as it seems to completely transform my lashes.

It's the perfect product to use without shadow or a liner, but still create a dramatic eye look.

Have you tried Miss Hippie before? I've been so impressed with Loreal recently, what products would you reccomend?

4 comments on "Beauty | Loreal Miss Hippe Mega Volume Mascara"
  1. I wanted to try this mascara when it first came out but never got round to it - it sounds really good, I prefer mascaras that create more of a dramatic look!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. It's really good. You should definitely try it :-) X