Event | The Body Shop #WildAboutLeeds Lamberts Yard, Leeds, UK.

Leeds, UK

If you're local to Leeds & have been walking around town thinking 'Why the hell is The Body Shop boarded up?'... Well I'm about to blooming well tell you.

I don't manage to get into Leeds that often however seeing that The Body Shop has been closed for the past couple of months has saddened me greatly. I didn't really know what was happening to the store, but taking the timescale into consideration I knew it was going to be something good... And I wasn't wrong!

The store will be reopening on Saturday 5th November as a new concept store... The very first of it's kind!

It will be an amazing addition to Leeds & if the interior & exterior drawings are anything to go by, it's going to be completely stunning. The new store will be pretty much completely window lined, allowing as much natural light into the premises as possible along with a new interior decor mirroring The Body Shops natural ethos. Inside there'll be specialist skincare & makeup stations as well as a pretty fricken amazing body butter display. not to dissimilar to that of an old sweet shop.

Unfortunately I won't be able to make the grand opening on November 5th (damn you work) but I'll definitely be popping through on my next day off. I can't wait to see what to see what the store looks like in real life - I bet it's even better than the concept images.

The Body Shops Christmas campaign this year is jungle themed #JungleBells as it marks their 40 anniversary and lifelong dedication to campaigning against animal testing. For every specially selected Christmas gift bought, The Body Shop will help protect endangered species and restore one square meter of rain forest, which to me is a pretty amazing thing to be a part of.

Huge thank you to Ajay & the girls from The Body Shop for their generosity & hospitality! #WildAboutLeeds

What are your favourite Body Shop products?



  1. Oooh this sounds so exciting! Concept stores are ~fab~, they really bring something completely different and wholly immersive to retail spaces and I'm really glad that places outside of London in the UK are moving to this idea. Might have to make a trip to Leeds as you've made me all sorts of anticipated now!
    It's a shame you can't attend the reopening to experience it before everyone else, damn work :')

    Fii | little miss fii | uk fashion & lifestyle

    1. Hey Fii. I know right. It's so refreshing for us to have something up in Leeds, rather than London getting all the fun. You should come to Leeds anyway, it's a fab place to spend the day, we have some wonderful shops & places to eat. X

  2. This is so exciting! The Body shop never fails to amaze me with their work for the environment and this just proves it! My favourite body shop products have to be the Vitamin E skincare products, they just work perfectly with my skin type :)


    1. Pieces from the vitamin e range are always on my 'to buy list' but Ive never gotten round to trying any of them. I want to try a lot of the pieces from the chamomile range too. I'm sure with this new store opening though, that'll spur me on to purchase. I can't wait for it opening. X

  3. Was sad to have missed this event. I've always loved The Body Shop and their products.
    The new concept store sounds amazing and what a perfect city to have it in. :)
    Will definitely be popping in when I next visit Leeds.


    1. Yeah definitely :-) I'm going to pop through on Wednesday to have a look round the new store. I haven't been yet. X


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