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Never in a million years did I think I'd still be blogging two and a half years down the line. Lord knows I barely knew what blogging was when I first started, but what a wonderful journey it's been and one I'm wanting to explore to it's maximum capacity.

I'm quite a shy gal & have always been pretty reserved, however nothing excites me more than being invited to blogger events and meeting like minded people with the exact same passions. A lot of the blogger events I've been invited to have been from brands with product launches, or new store openings where obviously you do get to chat to one another, but there's often so much going on that you don't fully get to know the people you share this beautiful community with. This is where the idea of the #LeedsCoffeeAndCakeMeet was born.

I love coffee, I love cake & I love getting to know people...

I always knew that if I was going to create a blogger event, I wanted it to be more of a meet up with a smaller group of bloggers, ensuring we could all talk to each other and get to know one another on a more personal level. I wanted something casual, where everyone feels relaxed and at ease, with the added help of coffee and cake to spur on conversation. Quite quickly, after doing a bit of market research & with the help of Moments Coffee, Paula from Isiko & my boyfriends sick graphic design skills I was able to create my very first #LeedsCoffeeAndCakeMeet.

The coffee and cake was just a bonus at the meet up, what was amazing was the bloggers that came, got involved and spread some blogging positivity, It was fantastic chatting to one another, finding out each others tips and tricks and getting to know each other on a much more personal level. The two hours in which we were chatting felt like a matter of minutes, it was amazing. In honesty at the time of the event I was in a bit of a blogging slump, I hadn't posted for a couple of weeks & I was craving some much needed motivation which is exactly what I got from the #LeedsCoffeeAndCakeMeet. I came home from the meet up with a head full of ideas, it felt amazing, I literally couldn't drive home quick enough. I was spurred on to change my domain name (Hello clairemac.co.uk Eeeep!) and I generally felt like I couldn't wait to get myself back into the swing of things when it comes to blogging.

With the help of Paula from Isiko I was also able to provide a little giveaway for my meet up for the blogger who created the most buzz on social media. I was provided with this unique pink/orange glass pendent which rather luckily ended up winning its' way home with Bridie from The Same Old Chic. I realise the importance of drumming up attention on social media and creating a buzz so a giveaway was always something I wanted to provide for the bloggers attending, so a huge thank you need to go to Paula for collaborating with me and this again is something I'm wanting to expand for the future.

This truly is an amazing community & the opportunities blogging brings are second to none!

Thank you for all of your support & if you're interested in attending the next #LeedsCoffeeAndCakeMeet why not tweet me at @ClaireMacBlog and I can definitely hook you up!

Have you ever planned a blogger meet up or event?


PS. No speeding occurred on my drive home from the #LeedsCoffeeAndCakeMeet
2 comments on "SURROUND YOURSELF WITH POSITIVITY - #LeedsCoffeeAndCakeMeet"
  1. Aw I'm so glad it was successful for you. I was sad to not be able to attend, but really hope that I can make the next. Would be great to catch up with you. :)
    As you say, sometimes meeting at events can be a tad difficult for proper socialising and catching up and who doesn't like cake!?! :)


    1. I'll definitely hook you up next time :-) I'm planning on having the next one at the end of next month so I'll keep you updated :-) X