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Forget Christmas, in our house this really is the most wonderful time of the year!... We're wedding planning!

It's inevitable, once you get engaged, you're gonna get hit with a million and one questions. For example, when are you're going to get married, where you're going to get married, how many bridesmaids are you going to have, what's your theme going to be. Gahh! You name it.. I've been asked it... And truth be told, it's really fricken overwhelming! Especially for someone like me who hadn't necessarily given getting married a second thought.

I'm not one of those girls who dreams about getting married, my parents aren't married, and to me it's not the be all and end all. However when Dan presented me with a breathtaking diamond ring & said those four little words, 'will you marry me?' I couldn't contain my emotions. Through shock, tears and laughter I said yes! And here we are today, I've said yes... Now what the heck do we do.

We've only just gotten into the swing of things, starting our wedding planning & here's a few tips we've picked up along the way.

Seek advice from people who've been there.
We have a couple of married friends, so of course, it seemed only natural to gravitate towards them and seek the advice from people who'd been there, done that & bought the veil. It was interesting discovering how the brides prioritised, especially at the beginning when you don't really have a clue where to start. What was even more interesting however was finding out what they would have done differently! I've really enjoyed taking time out and discovering more about my friends special days, and have found their advice really has been priceless!

If you look at my Pinterest, you'll probably think I'm a complete bridezilla, but I'm not, I swear! What I am however, is a massively creative person. In fact we both are! And being able to visualise our perfect day through the powers of the internet has been amazing.

Invest in a Wedding Planning notebook.
Luckily my sister bought Dan & I a Wedding planning book when we got engaged & it's been our holy grail. The notebook sections every aspect of your wedding into manageable chunks, completely taking the stress away from the bride and groom to be. The book we have notes down literally everything... Even the things that you hadn't thought of!

Creating a guest list.
Possibly one of the most difficult tasks we've had to do! Basically, noting down who makes the cut and who doesn't. It's cut throat, but it's one of those jobs that needs to be done early on as it paves the way for the rest of the wedding... In particular when considering your Wedding budget (don't even get me started on that) and venue.

What's important to you.
You can look on Pinterest for as long as you like and discover the most amazing weddings, but at the end of the day if it's not you, then don't force it. This one should be an easy one, but discuss what makes you as a couple and how you can incorporate that into your wedding... And remember, it's your wedding so you can do whatever the hell you like!

We're actually going to a Wedding fayre at the weekend so I'm sure there'll be more Wedding based posts coming, so watch this space & I hope you enjoy my journey to becoming Mrs Chircop!

Any other hints or tips, by all means throw them my way!



  1. Wedding planning can go CRAZY! You really just have to remember that it's YOUR wedding. YOUR paying the money, YOU BOTH love each other and are the ones spending forever together. Don't let family, friends or feuds dictate what you do/don't do. It's not about them!
    Google was definitely my haven, I spent hours just googling things and getting ideas. I wanted to do some things differently than 'normal' and it was a great help.
    Maybe call favours on local businesses. You are a blogger/influencer getting married. :)


    1. Oh absolutely :-) That's what we keep saying to ourselves. We're doing it for us & nobody else. I will do thank you! X


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