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Something I'm not too clued up on when it comes to beauty, is beauty tools, so when LAB2 got in touch asking if I'd like to try a few of their brushes, I felt obliged to say yes. Life is for learning... And having fabulous makeup brushes!

It was only up until a few years ago that I actually started using beauty tools within my regime. For years (and years and years) I'd use my hands to rub foundation into my skin or use my fingers to dab concealer under my eyes; Which is totally fine & I still do now if I'm in a rush, but thankfully I've been able to explore using beauty tools more in recent years.

Generally I prefer the finish of using beauty brushes so when these three brushes from LAB2 landed on my doorstep I was really excited to use them. The package contained the 'Just Face It Kabuki Brush', the 'Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt Shadow Brush' and the 'Read My Lips, Lip Brush'.

What first struck me about these brushes was their names. I love a good pun (don't we all) so we were off to a winning start with these bad boys before even trying them. There's nothing more confusing to me than numbering makeup brushes *cough Mac cough* Just tell me what job the brush is supposed to do, I don't want to have to remember random numbers.... Is anyone else with me?

The Just Face It Kabuki Brush is the first of my collection, god knows why it's taken me so long to get my hands on one, because I bloody love it. It's so easy to use because of the shorter handle and I find I have a lot more control over this, than I do my usual powder brush. The bristles are relatively soft with a slight dome to the shape meaning it picks up the perfect amount of product, which then applies perfectly.
I don't wear a great deal of eye shadow (lazy girl problems) however having the Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt Shadow Brush in my possession has made me much more experimental when it comes to makeup. It's quite flat & fluffy so I've found this particularly useful when it comes to applying product in the crease & then blending. The bristles are a lot more densely packed than other shadow brushes in my collection so I actually prefer this newbie as it provides a much more precise look.
Bizarely I actualy needed a lip brush last week & had to use a concealer brush.. Not the best idea Claire, so this Read My Lips Lip Brush is the one I was most excited to try! The brush is super compact & precise and leaves an amazing finish on the lips. I've even been testing out ombre lips with this brush & it works a treat!

A select number of LAB2 brushes can be picked up in Superdrug stores, however Amazon have the full range, so if you're on the lookout for new makeup brushes I'd definitely try these out.

What are your favourite Makeup brushes to use?

Lots of love. Claire. X
2 comments on "LAB2 MAKEUP BRUSHES."
  1. The brushes sounds fab! Been a while I got some so will be checking out this brand x

    Style of Colours

    1. They've been brilliant :-) Super affordable too. I'm sure you'll find something you love! X