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So I said it! Now we're in September, it's officially Autumn,and I for one absolutely love it! There's a couple of things I love about Autumn, mainly the copious amounts of Hot Chocolate it's now socially acceptable to drink, getting cosy in front of the fire with a blanket, Autumn fashion & of course Autumn beauty.

God knows we never really get a Summer in the UK do we, so I've been filtering a few of these products into my beauty routine for a little while now. There will of course be many more changes to come within my beauty routine however today I wanted to chat you through five of my current faves.

In recent weeks, I've been reintroducing the Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar blush palette back into my life, purely because it's the most versatile blush palette I own. Even though my skin tone is quite fair, I find myself being able to use all the shades across this palette as it contains both matte contour shades and shimmery highlights too. I particularly love using the white highlight under my brow bone & on the inner corners of my eyes.
On my lips I've been using the Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub, which is an absolute Autumn/Winter staple of mine. My lips get horribly dry as soon as the weather gets colder & this alongside the Body Shop Lip Scuff are my holy grail products. The only reason I've favoured the Lush version is beacuse the scent is so darn delicious.. If you're into sickly sweet scents like me, then this lip scrub is going to be right up your street.
Of course we all love a dark lip as soon as the seasons change, it's almost like an unwritten rule. A shade I've been reaching for is Revlons Rich Raison Frost which is a perfect transitional red berry toned lipstick. The formula of Revlon lipsticks are one of my favourites & it's always the first beauty counter I go to when I'm on the lookout for a new shade, and for me this one is perfect!
I've been upping my skincare routine recently too & one product I've recently discovered, and have fallen hook like and sinker for is the Rodial Dargon Blood Hyaluronic Tonic. A quick spritz of this on my fave on both a morning and a night has massively made a difference to my skin & one I'm not going to be letting up now it's getting colder.
Something I'm sure we all like to pack on to our bodies when the weather turns colder is a thick heavy moisturiser and my favourite by far is the Soap & Glory Righteous Butter. It's been a firm favourite of mine for such a long time now, I really haven't met a heavy duty moisturiser I've prefered! I still need to see what all the fuss is about with the Diamond Righteous Butter, but if it's predecessor is anything to go by I bet it's amazing,

Are you ready for Autumn? What are your favourite Autumn beauty products?


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