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Hallelujah! I've found it! That's right... I Claire McPartland, have found the comfiest jumpsuit in existence thanks to Sammydress!

I bagged myself this pastel pink jumpuit from Sammydress a couple of weeks ago, which if you haven't heard of it before, is an online store very similar to Shein. They're an overseas company who sell a shed load of products, from clothing items, to beauty products, even home ware pieces at superbly discounted products. Have a peak on there, you won't look back! There's got to be something for everyone on there.

I picked up the jumpsuit expecting it to be made from a stiffer, more tailored material, however when it arrived I realised it's a super stretchy, super comfortable polyester... And I love it! This is the sort of jumpsuit which I can just throw on, quite simply with a pair of white pumps, and if I do have to leave the house (lazy days are never really, completely lazy days are they?) then I feel put together enough to do so.
I've been digging rucksacks too recently, hence why I've picked up this LaRedoute tan beauty. I love how hands free rucksacks are, and they're very quickly becoming my bag of choice! If you have any rucksack recommendations, I'd love for you to throw them my way.

Have you heard of Sammydress before? I've seen a lot of high street companies bringing out similar jumpsuits to this, so I'm more than likely going to pick up some more. How would you style this jumpsuit?

Lots of love! Claire. X

**The Sammydress Jumpsuit was provided for review purposes. Opinions are 100% my own**

6 comments on "THE COMFIEST JUMPSUIT."
  1. This looks SO comfortable - you're right! I am rather jealous, haha! It looks like it would be perfect for a festival or something where you could dance without being restricted!!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

    1. Oh my god. That would be the perfect place to wear this jumpsuit! It's so mega comfy!! X

  2. Pretty outfit, I love the colour.


  3. Never heard of this company but oh gosh I love the jumpsuit it looks soooo comfy! Plus it really suits you! Xo


    1. Aw. Thank you Hayley :-) I love it too. You should definitely give them a look, they're very much like Sheinside. So so affordable! :-) X