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Even though we live together, our busy work schedules sometimes makes it feel like Dan & I never see each other. It sucks being an adult sometimes, so when Get A Date Night got in touch asking if we'd like to receive our very own personalised date night kit we jumped at the chance. 

Get A Date Night is a monthly subscription box that brings the fanciness of a traditional date night to the comfort of your own home... Basically you and your loved one can spend a bit of quality time together, enjoying each others company with the benefit of not having to get out of your pajamas... Pretty much perfect right?

This months Get A Date Night was a wine tasting night, which Dan and I were really excited to sink our teeth into. We like wine, okay, we love wine, but the idea of wine tasting is something we'd never really thought about... We normally just glug it! We opened the subscription box to be greeted by a handful of personalised prints, one of which discussed 5 wine tasting tips, other wise known as the 5 S's... See, smell, swirl, smell (again) and then slurp. Using these five pointers Dan & I were then able to jot down our thoughts on the wines provided. It turns out we have totally different tastes when it comes to wine, my favourite was Dans' least favourite and vice versa. We've known that we have different wine preferences but it was really interesting to figure out why.

Next up there was a wine quiz, asking ten questions, which if I'm totally honest, neither of us knew any of the answers to. The questions were challenging and ones that made us think, but thankfully Get A Date Night provided us with multiple choice answers making them a teeny bit easier. Even with that little bit of help Dan & I still did pretty pants. He scored 3/10 and I scored 3.5/10 so won the surprise prize (yes you heard me) by the tiniest whisker!

As a little memento of our Date Night, we were also given a grow your own wine kit which I'm sure we'll be planting some time soon. Unfortunately we haven't got the best track record when it comes to keeping plants alive, so lets see how long they'll last. Oops!

Get A Date Night are launching mid September, so mega mega soon & are currently offering 50% off their first box, so if you're looking for something a little outside the box to do with your partner, I'd definitely recommend to get yourself in the queue for one of these!

Is Get A Date Night something you'd be interested in? What's been your most unusual date night?


*The 'Get A Date Night' subscription box was provided for review purposes - Opinions are 100% my own*
2 comments on "Lifestyle | Date Night.*"
  1. Ha! What a fun an handy little box! :)
    Our date nights are spent out eating, as that's what we enjoy and we like getting out of the house. But we have odd weekday nights when the toddlers gone to bed that spend together and play monopoly or cars games with is nice. :)


    1. I know :-) It's a fab little idea isn't it. Oooh yeah, that sounds lovely. I love a god board game night! X