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Fashion | Ripped Knees.

For me, it's either mega casual or a super slick tailored look... There is literally no in between when it comes to fashion. I'm almost like an all or nothing type of gal, however when it comes to the 'nothing' even that has to have some thought put into it.

As you can see, today is one of those mega casual days... The suns blaring, we're tanked up on vitamin D & we're off for a long ass dog walk around Newmillerdam - If you're from Leeds/Wakefield you should totally go, it's beautiful!

Not that you can particularly tell by these photos, but today I am wearing a halterneck top... Now I haven't worn a halterneck for at least ten years... And let me tell you, I feel awesome! I feel like I'm ready to don my platforms & get back on the Spice bus. I'm loving it! I've thrown my trusty khaki bomber jacket over the top, because I always feel the chill when we go out walking. It could be 25 degrees outside & I'd be complaining about it being cold - There's something wrong with me I swear. These ripped New Looks jeans are the epitome of comfort for me, not only in their styling, but their fit also. I've hitched them right up, in order to try make them appear high waisted (and cover my 'young and naive' tattoos) with what is possibly the best belt I've ever owned. I bought this belt maybe eight years ago now from Topshop & what I love so much about it, is that it can be worn both on the waist & on the hips... It's the little things right? To finish odd todays mega casual look I've added a pair of simple white pumps & my trusty pleather rucksack... Perfect for carrying all of my essentials while trying to control what seems to be an uncontrollable beagle.

Hope you've enjoyed todays post! What do you think of halterneck tops? Is it a look you could rock?


Top - Select
Jeans - New Look
Bomber - River Island
Belt - Topshop
Pumps - H&M
Rucksack - Pimark

4 comments on "Fashion | Ripped Knees."
  1. I really like this jacket. The color is so pretty. I like your ripped jeans. I would really lie to buy myself a pair but can't find ones that fit me. xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

    1. Thank you :-) I love it too. It's amazing. Aww. That's a shame. You'll find them eventually, I'm sure of it! X

  2. You look so lovely in this outfit, I adore the jacket! I love the neckline of halterneck tops, they're so flattering :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

    1. Thanks Elizabeth :-) I'm definitely going to look for more of them now I've bought this one! X