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It's not very often I wear something as heavily printed as this, but when I saw this high waisted jumpsuit* on Sammydress I decided to take the plunge & step out of my comfort zone.

I'd never shopped through Sammydress before however it's got mega amazing serious Shein vibes. Everything is super affordable & they have so much choice. There's seriously got to be something for everyone on that website.

What first drew me to the jumpsuit was it has a much more relaxed fit to any other I've worn before, which at this time of year is absolutely perfect. The fit of this jumpsuit is extremely comfortable, it almost feels like I'm wearing pajamas & I for one, am all about that! I've had to wear a basic white crop top underneath because of the plunging neckline, it's much deeper than it appears on the website, but we can work with it... In fact I really like the layered look when it comes to this outfit. It brings a much more casual edge to the jumpsuit & one i actually prefer. Because of the casual vibes I've chosen to wear trainers and my ever trusty Primark cross body bag.

I love the style of this jumpsuit & even though I love dressing it down I think it would look equally as lovely with a pretty black bralet underneath and some lace up heels with a sparkly clutch. How would you style this jumpsuit?


Fashion | LaRedoute Mademoiselle R*

Furthering on from my #LRSummerParty post last week I thought I'd better give you guys an insight into the amazing Mademoiselle R* dress. At the event Laura challenged us to style up a piece of LaRedoutes' collection & strut our stuff in front of the camera - I couldn't help but choose this beautiful coral chiffon number - It's beautiful!

A couple of weeks ago I had a huge wardrobe clear out & something I had to get rid of was a beautiful navy maxi dress from Shein that had unfortunately seen better days... Waaay better days! Once I'd noticed this coral maxi, I couldn't get it out of my head - For me it's the perfect dress! It's quite a formal maxi however I think with a pair of flat lace up sandals, a tan rucksack and belt as well as wearing my hair in loose waves I think this dress could look totally different. I love finding transitional pieces that I can get more than a couple of wears out of.

Thank you once again to LaRedoute for inviting me to the #LRSummerParty & gifting me with this utterly beautiful dress! I can't wait to get more wear out of it!

I'd love to know how you'd style this dress - Would you go formal or more casual?


Dress - LaRedoute*
Sandals - Topshop

**All photographs featured in this blog post were taken by David Lindsay** 

Event | Aint No Party Like A #LRSummerParty

Earlier on in the month I had a super secretive, super luxe email arrive into my inbox that got me very excited indeed!... 'LaRedoute requests your prescence at our blogger Summer party for cocktails, canapes & treats galore.' The location was a secret & after seeing photos from LaRedoutes' previous Christmas party I knew I had to say yes!

It was revealed last minute, but the #LRSummerParty was being held at New Craven Hall, a super new event location situated a short minibus ride from Leeds City Centre. We must have been one of the first groups to congregate at the new urban luxe location as it's founders Ben & Jane only thought up the idea for New Craven Hall in February of this year. The space is beautiful, it's really light & open with exposed red brick walls and a super high ceiling plastered with the twinkliest of fairy lights - Ideal for a blogger event like this!

After mingling with some blogger babes over a couple of Rose spritzers (as you do), Laura thanked us for coming officially welcomed us to the #LRSummerParty & set us our first challenge of the night... Styling LaRedoute. Around the room there were various clothes rails filled with gorgeous pieces from LaRedoutes' collection & our mission, if we chose to accept it was to style one of their pieces and flaunt it in front of the camera! Eeek!

Our second surprise of the night was an evening Ice-Cream delivery, which got my inner seven year old very excited! I remember hearing the Ice-Cream vans musical notes before it got announced and thinking I was going crazy... There was a DJ inside the venue playing relatively loud tunes, but in the back of my mind I could hear what I thought at the time was childrens' nursery rhymes. It was the weirdest experience ever. It's safe to say though, I wasn't going crazy & it was in fact a rather delicious surprise. You can see by mine & Rachels' faces that we were loving it!

Towards the end of the night and after our yummy treats, Laura had a couple of prizes to give out to the bloggers who had suppressed their social media expectations! Jenna was their Hashtag Queen, Lucinda their Style Guru, Kristina their Instagram Extraordinaire, Lauren their Photo Shoot Superstar & Lizzy their Fashionista of the Night! All five ladies won some amazing prizes and it was a lovely way ending the night on a high!

When leaving the event, we were all gifted with a super special LaRedoute goodie bag containing my dress of choice (there's a post with that to follow, although I'm pretty sure from this post you can tell which dress I chose), the cutest tan rucksack I think I've ever seen & a couple of treats from Molton Brown, Seventh Heaven & Vita Coco.

Thank you so much to Laura for inviting me to the #LRSummerParty - I had an absolutely fabulous night & it was amazing catching up with blogger friends, old & new!


**All photographs featured in this blog post were taken by David Lindsay** 

Beauty | Loreal Pure Clay Face Masks. Detox & Glow.

So it happens quite often now, having a list as long as your arm of beauty products you want to try... Perks of being a blogger you could say! Something that was on my list right from the get go, was the new Pure Clay Face Masks from Loreal. At first I had all three on my list, but after doing a bit of research I decided to walk away with just two... The Detox & the Glow pure clay masks.

I have quite a few face masks in my collection however something I've always lusted over were the clay masks. If honest, I'm not entirely sure why, I just thought they sounded like they'd do their job properly & massively help my skin out!

I chose the Pure Clay Detox Mask as I loved the idea of the charcoal drawing out all the impurities in my skin. The dark grey, almost black colured product, typical of a charcoal mask, is very smooth in texture which means the application process is really easy - In fact I found it quite therapeutic! I've been using the Makeup Revolution F101 Foundation Brush to apply, because in all honesty it's not the best brush for blending foundation, but for applying a thick mask like these, it's the perfect tool! The detox mask dries and hardens pretty quickly revealing the most interesting darker spots, where the product is drawing out all the impurities from the pores. I love applying this mask purely for this reason!.. I'm such a nerd! I found a lot of impurities to be around my forehead & chin area so on my second application this is where I again popped the mask. The other areas, on my cheeks I filled in with the Pure Clay Glow Mask as this is where my skin is naturally quite dry. The formulation of this mask is a little grittier although it still applies really nicely & you can barely feel the exfoliation beads doing their job which is great. I prefer the scent of the Glow mask - It's much fresher and the scent is much more poignant than its' detoxing partner, although I can't quite put my finger on what it smells like?... If you've used it before, please let me know, because it's driving me insane! Ha.

I've been using these masks twice a week now for a little while & I have to say they've made a huge difference to my skin. Granted I have upped my skincare game recently, but I feel like these masks have pushed me further in the right direction. My skin feels so much healthier & looks noticeably brighter, I'm  absolutely sold by these face masks... Although I knew I would be even before buying them!

Have you tried any of the Loreal Pure Clay Face Masks before? There's three in the collection, so do I need to get my hands on the Pure Clay Purity Mask too?


Beauty | New Skincare Products.

I'm a big advocate for not putting too many products of my face, and It's not very often new products make their way it into my skincare regime so I was really pleasantly surprised to discover three in one go. Yay!

I'm a total basic bitch when it comes to skincare... The way I look at it, the more products you put on your face, the more opportunity your skin has to clog and break out. For me, the simpler the better! I literally just cleanse, tone & moisturise... Completely fuss free.

To begin, I cleanse my skin using the Pure Natural Beauty Hot Cloth Cleanser, an affordable creamy cleanser that removes makeup and polishes the skin leaving your face feeling surprisingly moisturised. I like using this cleanser particularly on a morning due to its' super refreshing minty scent, it's really awakening & the perfect way to start the day. I'll then spritz my face with the Rodial Dragons' Blood Hyaluronic Tonic to lock in the much needed moisture into my skin. I can instantly feel the Rodial toner working as soon as the product hits my face which is amazing - It genuinely chances the texture of my skin instantly and I love it! Finally to add a last little bit of extra moisture I'll pop on a pea sized amount of the REN Instant Firming Beauty Shot, a gel like serum which lifts and smooths the skin leaving it feeling as soft as a babys' bum!

I've been using these three products together for a little while now & adore the differnce they've made to my skin. I definitely need to explore REN & Rodial skincare items a bit more... Have you got anything you'd recommend?


Beauty | Rare Oil Hair Treatments From Paul Mitchell

A few months ago I was very luckily treated to a press dinner at Mal Maison where myself and a group of local Leeds Bloggers were given an amazing insight into the super slick Marula Oil Rare Oil Treatment hair range from Paul Mitchell. 

I was very kindly gifted with quite a few goodies from the range however today I'm going to run through two products which I like to class as 'treat products'... The kind of self indulgence beauty products used on a Sunday evening pamper night to try and ease the back to work blues. The range boasts to have 50% more protective antioxidants than Argan Oil which everyone & their grandma's know works wonders on their tresses... So it's safe to say I was more than excited to try these luxurious hair treatments out!

The Marula Oil Rare Oil Intensive Hair Masque* is an intensely creamy mask which I've been popping on my scalp in combination with the Marula Oil Rare Oil Treatment* on my split ends once a week for around half an hour each time. What's amazing about the Marula Oil range is that it contains time releasing Marula spheres, which embed themselves into the hair follicles, and when aggravated for example when you brush your hair, will pop & release fresh bursts of Marula, the mega nutritious African oil. Used together the products quickly hydrate and nourish my hair, leaving my fine locks feeling much bouncier and much easier to work with... I usually fear just washed hair, but lathering my hair in the Intensive Hair Masque and spritzing the Treatment Oil on my ends has helped massively! The amount of product you get in these super slick containers is amazing too, it's definitely going to take me a little while to make my way through them... And I for one am not complaining one little bit! Not only do these Marula Oil Rare Oil hair treatments leave my locks smelling delicious, they leave my hair feeling healthy & super manageable too! What more could a gal ask for?

I flipping love these products, but for almost £66.00 for the two I think these beauties are a little steep. Maybe that's just me being stingy though? I don't know... Like these are pretty fricken amazing hair treatments... But that's a lot of money. I don't know guys, what do you think?