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If you follow my blog, you'll know I recently spent a week in Portugal... Not that you can tell, I've come back just as pasty white as when I left! Damn you pale porcelain skin! Since landing in the UK I've posted various touristy photos on my social medias however today I want to tell you all about where we stayed - Hotel Topazio.

Hotel Topazio is situated a mere half an hours drive away from Faro airport, in the small Portuguese town of Vale Faro, towards the left hand side of Albufeira.  The hotel is located only 5 minutes away from the beach which leads onto the most beautiful natural caves with gorgeous ocean views (you can see plenty of them over on my instagram). Further down the road you'll find 'The Strip' a mile long street full of brightly lit bars & restaurants, somewhere where you'll always find something to do, whether it's a ride on the bumber cars, stuffing your face with all you can eat chinese or sipping copious amounts of cocktails. The Strip is the place to be! Traveling in the opposite direction we have Albufeiras' Old Town, a stunning town packed full of beautiful fish, steak & pizza restaurants. The Old Town is a little quieter than The Strip (only just mind) and offers a much more relazed aptmosphere, perfect for settling down on an evening with loved ones.

Our hotel room consisted of a large sleeping area with seating a seating area, a large travertine bathroom & balcony. The minimalist neutral interiors with pops of orange were very easy on the eye & made a refreshing change from the super duper white aesthetics that we're so used to seeing on the bloggersphere. The orange accents consisted of comfy bed pillows, large pieces of artwork, silk curtains, even the toiletries were tangerine! The staff were all super friendly, and were always on hand to help with anything we needed. Our room was generously cleaned everyday which after a hot & sweaty day in the sun was very much appreciated!

We stayed at Hotel Topazio for one week at the begining of July & had an absolutely amazing time. We don't actually spend that much time at the hotel when we go on holiday, but we definitely looked forward to coming back to our air conditioned sanctuary & would love to go back... Maybe I'll get a tan next time!

Have you been to Portugal before? If so where abouts did you stay?



Would you believe me if I told you I hadn't had my hair cut in four months... Eeek! Well it's true! Or it was true... Up until a few weeks ago, when I was invited down to RUSH York for a complimentary cut & blow dry to celebrate their grand opening.

Upon entering the salon I was instantly impressed with the sleek modern, blogger friendly you could say, interiors. The slick black tiles and bright white walls put me instantly at ease - I knew I was going to be in for a treat at RUSH York. There's something about a classy interior isn't there that fills you with excitement?

Before doing anything, the salons owner Jess Graville sat  me down to chat through my hair care routine (which is pretty minial - eek!) and what I wanted to get out of the salon that day. I'd confessed to Jess that a hairdresser hasn't touched my hair for at least four months & that I was feeling a little stuck in a rut when it came to my locks. I wanted to keep the length however wanted to minimize the weight, because boy can it be annoying - Weirdly I have quite fine hair, but I have a hell of a load of it, as Jess was later to find out, so she suggested taking an inch off the bottom as well as putting in a few long layers.

I was given a protective cloak and lead through to the hair washing area where I was treated to a Kerastase hair treatment & a relaxing head massage. I need Dan to take a lesson in head massages, because they're seriously the best bit about going to the hairdressers... Who's with me?
After feeling super refreshed, I then sat back down with Jess who began snipping away at my tresses. She didn't take too much of the ends, however it was just enough for my hair to feel healthy and bouncy again, even more so with the long length layers. Along with my curly blow dry it's safe to say Jess made me leave feel like a princess leaving... If only it wasn't raining!

I had a fab time at RUSH York, the whole experience was amazing, not only the haircut but getting the chance to chat to Jess about her background & how she came to manage the York store. She was so lovely & friendly & I'm sure her positivity will lead RUSH York onto amazing things.

If you're on the lookout for a new hairdressers or somewhere to treat yourself, I'd 100% recommend RUSH. I  had the pleasure of popping along to the York salon however there are so many across the country, you can find your local salon here.

Have you tried a RUSH salon yet? What's your favourite thing about going to get your hair done?