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Working in a jewellers I see a lot of beautiful jewellery however something I find a lot of is similarly designed pieces. I find myself seeking jewellery pieces that are a little bit different, a little more out of the ordinary & a little more unique... Say hello to Isiko

Paula, Isikos' founder, has a strong belief in individuality and diversity & after discovering a beautifully unusual all glass picture of a house on a hill, with grass fields and a setting sun, she decided she needed to recreate it. She tells me it was because she couldn't afford to buy the image, however I wouldn't be surprised if it was the challenge element that urged her to take an eight month course in glass developing in order to recreate the image of dreams. So what does art work have to do with jewellery you ask?... Well it's Paulas' passion for fashion that transferred her well hones glass manipulating skills into creating beautiful, unique pieces of glass jewellery. All the Isiko pieces are 100% unique, which I think is absolutely amazing as you're not going to see anybody else wearing he same piece as yourself. There's something so special about jewellery in the first place, knowing that it's completely unique is a massive bonus!

Paula currently creates glass jewellery however she is planning on introducing glass home ware pieces to her collection, which I'm sure are going to be a bloggers dream! She's also in the middle of working with a top British Kitchen creating what could possibly be the most wonderful glass tiles. In principal the ethos of Isiko is the same whether buying a piece of jewellery or a range of tiles, everything you purchase is going to be 100% unique and made with 100% of Paulas' hard work and determination.

The pieces I have from Isiko are a water inspired long line pendednt and drop earrrings. Because of the sea green & blue colours I've decided to pair my new jewels with a pair of summer cigarette pants from Zara & basic white tee. I love the colour shades in these trousers as they instantly make me feel summery and they were my first thought when I opened up my Isiko package - I knew they'd work perfectly together!

Have any of you guys heard of Isiko? What are your thoughts on unique jewellery vs highstreet jewellery?



  1. I much prefer jewellery with a story to tell. Something handcrafted with love always wins over mass produced high street options. These are lovely and really unique! I also love your printed trousers! Hope you have a lovely weekend. :) xxx - natural, organic beauty, sustainable fashion, greener living

    1. Definitely! I totally agree with you Emma. Thank you! They're super old now, but I absolutely love them :-) X

  2. Wow gorgeous outfit and I love the necklaces!


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