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Beauty | Going Makeup Free.

Something disastrous happened this week. And by saying disastrous, I'm totally making a big deal out of nothing. But this week I got spots! Not one, not two, not even three... But four huge angry spots right in the middle of my chin & it's safe to say I wasn't best pleased.

People get spots. I get it. It's not a massive deal, but for someone who has been ridiculously lucky with her skin, to wake up with four angry red monsters on my face, I was a little shocked, to say the least!

I knew a little bit about face mapping (look into it if you don't know anything about it, it's quite interesting) & if I'm honest I'm still not 100% convinced that it's right but from looking into it, I deemed it to be my hormones & poor diet that was causing my breakouts. At the time of gaining what felt like mount Vesuvius (I'm exaggerating again ofc) on my chin I actually had a week off work, so I thought what better time to go completely makeup free & enjoy a bit of time going back to basics with my skincare regime.

Going out without makeup doesn't scare me, in fact I love it - I love the feeling of what going out without a scrap of makeup on, does to my skin. It always makes me feel super duper healthy and my skin feels much more plumped and nourished. I think being out in the sunshine helped massively decrease my breakouts too, there's something about being outside enjoying the sun which takes all your cares away... And being less stressed about your spots definitely helps get rid of them.
I've been wanting to increase my daily water intake for a little while now too, however previous to this experience I've found it really difficult to get into the habit. I think though because of how warm it's been, I've been much more inclined to drink water & I've quite happily got through three or four glasses a day, which has not only affected my skin, it's boosted my energy levels.
Finally I downsized with my skincare routine! Because I wasn't wearing makeup, I didn't feel the need to go through my usual rigorous routine & sometimes I think putting so many products on your face doesn't always help the problem. I've totally gone back to basics & literally the only things I've been putting on my face is a cleanser, exfoliator & moisturiser. In fact, after experimenting with my skincare routine, it's probably one that I'm going to stick with. Short & sweet as they say!

After five days of sticking to my no makeup, drinking lots of water & downsizing my skincare regime my skin looks so much better. I still have two spots on my chiny chin chin, but they are no where near as angry as they were at the beginning of the week & I can 100% see the difference in my skin already.

How do you deal with breakouts? I'm a bit of a skincare noob when it comes to tackling breakouts so any advice would be massively appreciated.

Thank you so much for reading. Claire.x
2 comments on "Beauty | Going Makeup Free."
  1. Your skin looks good!
    I usually dry the pimples with toothpaste then apply a ton of oils!


    1. I've heard about that actually. I'll try that next time... Because there probably will be a next time :-( X