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Lifestyle | My first experience hosting the #BDIB twitter chat.

Who'd have thought it? Little old me, hosting a twitter chat, rounding up a gang of bloggers to discuss something we're all so passionate about. 

Last Friday I hosted my first #BDIB chat where I lead the discussion, asking if we were addicted to our smart phones. The topic went down amazingly well and definitely got us all talking (and confessing) and getting to know each other. It's a fantastic feeling knowing that I was the person maintaining the conversation and getting all us bloggers together to discuss different points of view. I had a fab/busy night and am looking forward to hosting many more #BDIB chats but with todays' blog post I wanted to talk you through some tips & how I got to host my first twitter chat.

1. Network.
I've always enjoyed the networking side of blogging ever since I started way back in 2014, I love conversing with like minded people as well as attending events and maintaining relationships with pr companies. Something I thought I was missing however was hosting a twitter chat - I love taking part in them and getting to know other bloggers, but leading the chat was definitely where I wanted to be. I'd thought of making my own twitter chat, but in this day & age there are so many it'd be so difficult to branch out and make mine different to the rest. This is when I branched out to #BDIB

2. Show Passion.
I'd gotten in touch with the #BDIB chats' founder Gemma (@touchofbelle) via email, expressing my passion for joining the #BDIB team. I'm very much a believer in 'if you don't ask, you don't get' so there I was outright asking politely and passionately to jump on board... And to my surprise, I received an amazing reply back saying yes and asking when I could host. My inner organisation Queen loves Gemmas' format for planning the chats, everything is planned very much in advance and I love knowing what I'm doing & exactly when I'm doing it.

3. Brainstorm.
So you've got a twitter chat, but you've got nothing to talk about? This is where brain storming (or mind mapping whatever you want to call it) comes to play its' part. I wanted to think of discussions that weren't totally typical and weren't topics where bloggers would reel and say 'not this again'. I think there's quite a bit of pressure on a host to think up an amazing topic as well as questions to keep everybody entertained - It's definitely something I didn't want to take with a pinch of salt!

4. Be Prepared.  
It's the morning of the chat and I'm counting down the hours to hosting.,, Basically wishing the day away, which is something I never do! Never in a million years did I think I could have kept up with all the tweets and notifications so I decided to schedule my questions in advance. I'm so so glad I did, because I would have had no chance in keeping up! I scheduled a question as well as my answer withing five minute intervals, which I found worked really well and definitely kept the conversation flowing.

5. Enjoy It!
Probably the most important fact to remember. I didn't feel stressed at all during my stint as a twitter chat host, however I can imagine how some people may feel that way & under pressure. To me it was more of an excitement, that feeling of butterflies half an hour before the chat was due to begin, yeah that was me! I'm a bit of a geek, if you didn't know. You have to be quite quick on your toes in order to keep up with all the notifications and hashtags, but this was something I completely reveled in. I loved it!!

I have future #BDIB chats planned in for 23rd & 27th May as well as 12th August (plug plug plug) and would absolutely love it if you joined me.

Have you hosted a twitter chat before? Have you got any awesome out of the box topics to discuss?

Lots of love. Claire.x
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