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Lifestyle | Stupid Questions I've been Asked Since Getting Engaged.

After all the congratulations and festivities since getting engaged, I was blown away by the same stupid questions kept cropping up. Today I'm going to be sharing those with you as well as my responses for each.

1. Are you pregnant?
2. Have you set a date?
3. Have you thought about what your dress is going to look like?
4. Are you going to wear a veil?
5. Have you got a wedding book?
6. Can I be your bridesmaid?
7. Do you have the money saved to pay for your wedding?
8. Have you thought about your venue?
9. Will you be getting married in a church?
10. Do you know who the best men are going to be?
11. Are you going to have a big wedding?
12. Do you have a theme yet?

And funnily enough, the answer to every single one of these questions was no! 

We've been engaged around 6 weeks now, and since everything has sunk in and settled down, a few of these questions have crossed my mind (in particular what my dress is going to look like - eeeek) but straight after getting engaged all these questions were completely overwhelming, I  just wanted us to chill & enjoy being in our own little world.

Now though... I'm ready to plan!! I actually have a wedding book courtesy of my sister, so you can tick question five off the list! If you have any tips I'd love to read your posts on how you began your wedding planning, because quite frankly I don't know where to begin.

Thank you for reading. Lots of love | Claire.x
2 comments on "Lifestyle | Stupid Questions I've been Asked Since Getting Engaged."
  1. I'm not even engaged and I have most of this list figured out!! haha, Pinterest board of wedding ideas is the one....I will be so organised when I finally get proposed too!!! hahahaha

    Breanne @ My Healthy Curves

    1. Haha! Love it Breanne :-) At least you know what you want, I have no idea! There's going to be a lot of pinterest searches I'm sure over the next few months :-) X