I'd visited the Lush Leeds Spa a few months previously to explore their available treatments so it was lovely to be invited back last week to preview their newest indulgence the super luxurious Tales of Bath treatment. 

The treatment begins with a bed time story (literally as all the staff were dressed in the comfiest looking blue striped pjamas) followed by a reading of poems. The treatment then takes you to an amazingly luxurious roll top bath, where you can soak your cares away with epsom salts what could have been the biggest bath bomb I think I've ever seen. After bathing & continuing the sleepy time theme the Tales Of Bath treatment takes you to the main event, the sleep inducing massage! The massage is perfect for pregnancy or equally awesome if you suffer with a bad back as you lay on your side, propped up with two huge pillows for support. Hot oils are used gently to provide a full body massage which we were advised will relax you100% send you in to a slumber. The treatment will set you back a somewhat huge £110 which obviously does seem like a lot of money, but as a 75 minute treat I think it would be amazing.... And great for hen parties or girlie pampers. 

After having a snoop around the spa & an insight into the new Tales of Bath treatment we were then offered a small treatment of our choice, of which I chose the palm reading,. The reading is part of the Planets spa treatment and although it doesn't tell your future it does tell you a lot about your personality, maybe even things you didn't know about yourself. Admittedly I was totally skeptical, which is half the reason why I chose this treatment but by golly was she correct! The Spa manager carried out the treatment & had me down to an absolute tee, I was so surprised & even though I'm still not sure whether I believe it or not, it's 100% got me interested in palm reading & got me talking to my friends about it.

Thank you so much again to Urika for inviting me along to preview the Tales of Bath treatment at Lush, I had an absolutely wonderful time & very much appreciate the opportunity.

Thank you for reading. Have you been to any Lush events before? What are your favourite Lush products?

Lots of love | Claire.x

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