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Beauty | Revlon Colorstay Foundation

Anybody who knows me, knows I'm a stickler for trying new foundations. It was only at the beginning of this year when I ventured out to try the Bourjois' Healthy Mix Serum (wild I know) prior to that I  forever used the Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid, of which I replaced and replaced for the previous eight years or so... Like I said, I'm so wild!

After venturing out at trying something new earlier on in the year, I've made it my mission to try as many new foundations as possible & the next one on my list (as the title suggests) is the Revlon Colorstay foundation for dry/normal skin.

I chose this foundation after sampling a small amount & enjoying the longevity of the product, especially after a rather stressful day at work... Usually I'd come home looking like a dogs dinner, but the foundation stayed really well. I haven't quite tested it for a full 24 hours (who actually does that?) but I can only assume that it does a brilliant job.
The formula is a lot more liquid than what I've used before, which did worry me to begin with, but it actually blends really well & a little definitely goes a long way with this product. I don't wear makeup everyday (a gals skin's gotta breathe right) but I can definitely see this little glass bottle lasting a long time. It's definitely a buildable foundation, some days I can go out with one coat if I'm preferring more of a natural makeup look however I can just as easily pop another if not two coats on if I'm wanting a more 'photoshopped' look.
The finish is quite a satin/dewy look which for me is absolutely perfect right now. I have quite dry skin especially on my cheeks and under the eyes so this product gives my skin a little bit of a lift and more of a healthy look.
I picked up the colorstay foundation in the shade Ivory and it suits my skin tone really well. I found Revlons' shade range to quite substantial, however they only really cater for lighter skin tones which is a little disappointing, I would have thought in this day an age cosmetic companys would cater for everybody.

Have you tried Revlons' Colorstay foundation before? I'm looking at trying a foundation a little more high end next time. Have you got any recommendations? Something with a dewy finish would be ideal.

Thank you so much for reading. Lots of love | Claire.x

Lifestyle | My Summer To Do List

We all know I love a good to do list, I'm a complete organisation freak & find that writing goals down helps me stick to them. This Summer I want to get so much done, and enjoy my time off away from work, so much that I thought I'd compile a to do list!

1. Transform our back garden. We've got an idea in our heads of what we want our outdoor space to look like at home, it's just a case of putting it into practice & doing it! I don't think our plans to redecorate the garden are too 'out there' - They're completely achieveable and I cannot wait to see what it's going to look like.
2. Go on holiday. Money's pretty tight at the moment, so I'm not sure whether it'll be a trip to Croatia or a trip to Scarborough yet, but still... A holiday's a holiday & it's nice to just get away & enjoy somewhere that isn't home. I'm a firm believer in holidaying in the UK, there's so much of it to see & enjoy, the possibilities literally are endless!
3. Look at wedding venues. Dan & I haven't really had the sit down chat about what we want for our wedding... We've actually talked more about what we don't want than what we do want, which I think is probably the easiest way of doing it. I'd love to start looking at venues though this Summer, maybe even get a deposit down on somewhere, as finding the perfect venue is so important.
4. Declutter. Okay so I've already stared this one, I've been trying to downsize my 'clutter' over the last week or so, but there is surely a long road ahead of me. I wouldn't class myself as a hoarder, but by golly, do I collect some utter rubbish. I might still read that glamour magazine from April 2013 right? Erm no Claire, put it in the bin!
5. Spend more time outdoors. Having a dog is a great excuse to get outside & explore the local countryside, but this year I want to do it more than ever. I'm not sure if I enjoy living in the digital age, I'm finding myself more and more addicted to my phone & the internet and it's really upsetting me. I desperately need to get out more and enjoy what my doorstep has to offer.

Even though I have a love of even numbers, I only wanted to include 5 goals for this Summer as I think it's the right amount to be 100% achieveable. I'd love for your guys to follow me on my journey this Summer & I'll no doubt be reporting back as we venture into A/W.

Do yoiu have any goals you'd like to achieve this Summer? I'd love to hear your plan of action!

Thank you for reading. Lots of love | Claire.x

Fashion | Love The Sales With Kurt Keiger.*

I'm a total thrift queen & feel like I've perfected the art of picking up a bargain or two, so the concept of Love The Sales' website is something that completely appeals to me! Cut a long story short, the website collates a whole host of clothing, home ware and electrical (to name a few) that are in the sale and puts them all in one place, making your shopping experience as easy as possible. What more could a thrift queen want?

I was kindly gifted with a pair of the most amazing shoes from Kurt Geiger sale*, which instead of being £56.00 were actually reduced to £19.00. I chose these bargain heels as they are pretty much my ideal shoe! I love everything about them, from the chunky ass heel to the nude & snake print colour combination. They are perfection!

I thought the colouring in the shoes would work perfectly with my this midi lenght skirt from H&M as it's predominantly a nude pink colour however there is a shimmer thread running through it, picking up the silver tone in the shoes. I love the fit of this skirt, I think it's completely stunning and again, this is probably my ideal skirt!.. Today's outfit is definitely an ideal look for me! I feel so comfy & really sophisticated.
I've popped on a casual tee as I wanted a more relaxed feel through the day however I think this look would work perfectly well with a black bardot top & sparkly clutch. In fact, that could be my engagement party outfit!... Watch this space!

What do yo think of todays' look? Have you heard of Love The Sales before? What are your favourite websites for picking up a bargain?

Thank you so much for reading again. Lots of love | Claire.x

Skirt - H&M
Top - Miss Selfridge
Shoes* - Love The Sales
Bag - Dorothy Perkins

Lifestyle | Enjoying A Bit Of Me Time.

I love my life!.. Living with my boyfriend, my dog, going to a job I enjoy, with colleagues I actually want to spend time with & being surrounded by my amazing family. I'm actually living the dream! All that being said, there is nothing I love more than my own company.

And I don't mean that in a big headed way. What I mean, is that I'm quite happy spending time on my own, doing my own thing & enjoying a bit of me time. When Dan told me he was going on holiday, my first thought was jealousy (damn you!) mixed with a slight longing however this feeling was ridiculously quickly overturned to one of excitement... Excitement to have the house to myself & excitement to indulge in a bit of me time. Here's a few things I've been getting up to over the weekend.

1. Watching copious amounts of girlie garbage on the TV. RuPauls Drag race isn't quite to Dans' taste unfortunately.
2. Having a lush infused bubble bath each day... Maybe even twice a day. Ooops!
3. Painting my nails... He can't deal with the smell that comes with painting your talons.
4. Eating all the chocolate in the house... And getting away with it.
5. Going to bed at 10pm. I'm such a Grandma!
6. Cleaning the whole god damn house. Believe me, I was in my element & my house now looks ahhmaazing!!
7. Washing half the amount of pots... Because we haven't got all day to be faffing around with the dishes!
8. Doing my exercises without the fear of him walking into the room & seeing me look like a great big sweaty mess.
9. Participating in all of the twitter chats without having daggers thrown my way.
10. Browsing asos, missguided, topshop, new look, boohoo, chichi, you catch my drift, without being caught.
11. Experimenting with makeup... I have a very funny makeup based post coming up soon, so watch this space!
12. Sleeping in till as long as possible... Or until I can hear the baby puppy grumbling downstairs... She's so bloody cute, but so flaming needy!
13. Washing the bed linen & sofa covers to my hearts content. Sad, I know, but there's no better feeling than getting into fresh sheets.
14. Hanging out in my pj's all day.

I really hope you enjoyed this post on how I've enjoyed my weekend to myself. How have you spent the weekend? How do you deal with alone time?

Thank you so much for reading. Lots of love | Claire.x

Fashion | Love The Sales With Missguided.*

I think I can speak on behalf of the whole female population by saying that we as women love a good bargain! I was recently introduced to Love The Sales, a website that collects a whole bunch of sale items, doesn't matter whether they're clothing, homeware or electricals, and pops them all in one place for you, making your thrifty shopping experience the easiest it could be!

There's so much to the website, I'd definitely recommend grabbing a brew and a couple of biscuits in order to fully immerse yourself into the world of bargains. What I love about Love The Sales is that you can filter whatever it is you're looking at by the discount percentage, just to fully ensure that you are getting a complete bargain... Which is exactly what I did!

I picked up a couple of bits online including this midi length, suedette tan pencil skirt from the  Missguided sale which instead of being £25 was reduced down to £7, which with 72% off is a complete bargain. I chose this skirt as I know I'll get a lot of wear out of it - I think it's basic enough to wear for casual days out (like todays' shopping trip) but will work just as amazingly with a pair of killer heels & a black cropped tee.
I'm not sure if I've featured this tee on my blog before, but I've had it for absolutely ages & I wear it so often, and I thought it'd work perfectly with todays' look. I love bat wing style sleeves, especially with a pencil skirt as I think it gives a really interesting silhouette. The elephant print gives a casual edge to todays' look, which I've continued with these super comfy summery tan flats.

What do you think of todays' OOTD? Can you recommend any other websites for picking up a few bargains?

Thank you so much for reading. Lots of love | Claire.x

Skirt - Love The Sales*
Top - Shein
Shoes - Fat Face*
Jacket - New Look
Bag - ASOS

This post has been written in collaboration with Love the Sales.

Beauty | Using Coconut Oil In Your Beauty Regime

Coconut Oil seems to have taken the beauty world by a storm over the last couple of years however me being me, I'm the last person to jump on the band wagon. A few months ago I attended a Neals Yard Remedies blogger event where I was kindly gifted with this tub of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil* and with that I made it my mission to jump onto this new craze. 

I've been using the 300g tub (which is huge btw) in various ways to enhance my beauty regime, some are pretty obvious, some not so much - If you have any others I'd love to hear them.

Hair treatment.
Lets get the obvious one out the way with first! I've used the coconut oil on a few occasions, running it through the ends of my hair as well as massaging the product into my scalp. I usually leave the treatment in for an hour or longer if I can, just so my tresses can reap the full benefits of the coconutty goodness. My hair always feels amazing after using the virgin coconut oil however if I'm being picky, I much prefer NYR Rosemary & Cedarwood hair treatment as it softens my hair so much better.
Cuticle oil.
I noticed a change in my cuticles almost instantly after using coconut oil on them. The heat from the hands means the oil sinks into the cuticles super duper quickly and soothes any torn skin or hangnails really quickly. I've been trying to use coconut oil on my cuticles each morning (give or take a few days where I've forgotten) and have 100% noticed a difference in my hands. I'll definitely be continuing to do so & will probably move onto my toes soon, especially as we're getting closer to Summer.
Makeup remover.
The texture of coconut oil is really similar to that of a cleansing balm so works in the same around about way. I lather the product on my skin, leaving it on for a couple of minutes before massaging in & removing with a muslin cloth. I love the feeling my skin is left with after using coconut oil after as a cleanser as it makes my face feel mega smooth and polished.
Body oil.
Because coconut oil has a natural SPF in, it makes perfect sense to use it as a body oil. After having a bath (which is quite often if you didn't know - I'm a complete bath person!) I'll cover myself in the oil, resulting in not only me smelling absolutely divine, but also me having super smooth skin. With the skin being toasty warm after jumping out of the bath the balm like oil melts so well into your body, it's amazing how quickly this cult product works its' magic. 
Lip balm.
I've still got quite dry lips from the cold weather we've had over the last month or so I've been keeping them replenished with moisture using coconut oil. I think it works really well, although the smell that close to my mouth (yes, i realise this sounds weird) is a little off putting for me... But other than that, it really works!

Have you guys tried any of these beauty regimes using coconut oil before? What weird and wonderful ways have you been using coconut oil?

Thank you so much for reading. Lots of love | Claire.x

Lifestyle | Stupid Questions I've been Asked Since Getting Engaged.

After all the congratulations and festivities since getting engaged, I was blown away by the same stupid questions kept cropping up. Today I'm going to be sharing those with you as well as my responses for each.

1. Are you pregnant?
2. Have you set a date?
3. Have you thought about what your dress is going to look like?
4. Are you going to wear a veil?
5. Have you got a wedding book?
6. Can I be your bridesmaid?
7. Do you have the money saved to pay for your wedding?
8. Have you thought about your venue?
9. Will you be getting married in a church?
10. Do you know who the best men are going to be?
11. Are you going to have a big wedding?
12. Do you have a theme yet?

And funnily enough, the answer to every single one of these questions was no! 

We've been engaged around 6 weeks now, and since everything has sunk in and settled down, a few of these questions have crossed my mind (in particular what my dress is going to look like - eeeek) but straight after getting engaged all these questions were completely overwhelming, I  just wanted us to chill & enjoy being in our own little world.

Now though... I'm ready to plan!! I actually have a wedding book courtesy of my sister, so you can tick question five off the list! If you have any tips I'd love to read your posts on how you began your wedding planning, because quite frankly I don't know where to begin.

Thank you for reading. Lots of love | Claire.x

Beauty | An Oldie But A Goodie... Loreal Telescopic Extra Black Mascara.

I posted a little while ago about how the Essence Plump no Clump mascara reminded me of this little beauty. I couldn't not go back & purchase this oldie, but definitely a goodie, It's the Loreal Telescopic Extra Black Mascara.

I first purchased this mascara probably longer ago than I care to admit and even though I've strayed away from it in recent years, I know that it's a mascara I can rely on time & time again. It's lovely getting to try out new releases but at the same time, it's amazing to reminisce & catch up with old beauty favourites, and that's exactly what I did with this mascara.
I've always loved the formula the Telescopic mascara carries, it lengthens amazingly well and makes the lashes the blackest & flutteriest they can be. I usually apply two coats although you can just as easily get away with one, as I find it gives that little bit more volume and I love the effect that brings. This mascara comes complete with a plastic brush, which I know isn't to everyone's taste, but it's definitely my weapon of choice! I love the precision that comes with a plastic brush as they tend to grip even the smallest of hairs on the inner and outer corner of the eye. The longevity of the Telescopic mascara is sensational too, it's one you can definitely rely on to see you through the busiest of days. And without speaking too soon, this could be the wedding day mascara of choice... Only the waterproof version of course!

Have you tried this mascara before? Recommend to me your favourite mascara, I'd love to try some more.

Thank you for reading. Lots of love | Claire.x


Well look at me all dressed in black!.. Who'd have thought it? Oops! At least I don't need to separate my clothes when I do the laundry. 

Todays' look totally contrasts from my last OOTD & I definitely feel much more presentable and ready to take on the world in this all black ensemble. There's something about an all black look that makes me feel totally powerful, sassy & ready to strut my stuff down Leeds high street... Okay that bit maybe isn't so glamorous, but you guys know what I mean. 
I've worn a couple of these pieces before, gosh you guys know I rarely buy anything new, but look at these shoes! I've been looking for a pair just like them for a little while now & when I saw them in the sale, well I just couldn't help myself! What else is a gal to do? I love the cut out style this shoe has & the heel height is just perfect for me - I know I'm going to get so much wear out of these bad boys... They could even be the engagement party shoes! Watch this space!

What do you think of todays' all black outfit? What kind of looks make you feel sassy & ready to strut your stuff?

Thank you so much for reading. Lots of love | Claire.x

Event | Lush Leeds Spa #TalesOfBath

I'd visited the Lush Leeds Spa a few months previously to explore their available treatments so it was lovely to be invited back last week to preview their newest indulgence the super luxurious Tales of Bath treatment. 

The treatment begins with a bed time story (literally as all the staff were dressed in the comfiest looking blue striped pjamas) followed by a reading of poems. The treatment then takes you to an amazingly luxurious roll top bath, where you can soak your cares away with epsom salts what could have been the biggest bath bomb I think I've ever seen. After bathing & continuing the sleepy time theme the Tales Of Bath treatment takes you to the main event, the sleep inducing massage! The massage is perfect for pregnancy or equally awesome if you suffer with a bad back as you lay on your side, propped up with two huge pillows for support. Hot oils are used gently to provide a full body massage which we were advised will relax you100% send you in to a slumber. The treatment will set you back a somewhat huge £110 which obviously does seem like a lot of money, but as a 75 minute treat I think it would be amazing.... And great for hen parties or girlie pampers. 

After having a snoop around the spa & an insight into the new Tales of Bath treatment we were then offered a small treatment of our choice, of which I chose the palm reading,. The reading is part of the Planets spa treatment and although it doesn't tell your future it does tell you a lot about your personality, maybe even things you didn't know about yourself. Admittedly I was totally skeptical, which is half the reason why I chose this treatment but by golly was she correct! The Spa manager carried out the treatment & had me down to an absolute tee, I was so surprised & even though I'm still not sure whether I believe it or not, it's 100% got me interested in palm reading & got me talking to my friends about it.

Thank you so much again to Urika for inviting me along to preview the Tales of Bath treatment at Lush, I had an absolutely wonderful time & very much appreciate the opportunity.

Thank you for reading. Have you been to any Lush events before? What are your favourite Lush products?

Lots of love | Claire.x