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Fashion | Wearing Khaki For Casual Country Walks in Yorkshire.

I'll admit it... My name's Claire & I'm a complete country bumpkin! There I said it! I'm 25 years old & I love getting out & about, enjoying the Yorkshire countryside. I don't think I've talked too much about my passion for the outdoors, but days out on the moors call for a completely different outfit type, to that of a day shopping in the City - And it's that, that I'll be talking through with you today.

Three clothing items I think are imperative when going out walking are sturdy boots, a warm cosy coat & dark trousers... Because you're no doubt going to fall over at some point! Or maybe that's just me being dosey & not watching where I'm going. On a recent walk along the Yorkshire coast to Hayburn Wyke waterfall I chose to wear my trusty Timberlands, which I picked up at the York designer outlet for an absolute steal. These boots have been absolute life savers for me & a brand I would totally recommend for outdoor activities. They're fab! I like wearing jeans too when I go out walking as they keep me super toasty, I know people don't always approve as they can be quite restricting sometimes, but for me being warm is so worth it! On top of everything I always throw over my parka - Honestly I never have this thing off my back! This coat has served me so well over the years & it works amazingly well at keeping me warm when I'm out all day walking.

So todays' OOTD is a little more practical (and possibly boring) than usual, but I wanted to let you guys into an extra little part of my life. Once the weather gets warmer, which won't be long hopefully, I'm wanting to post much more outdoorsy things on the blog & really make use of this wonderful countryside we're surrounded by. Who needs to go abroad?

Thank you so much for reading. I'd love to know what you guys think of todays' post. Lots of love | Claire.x

Boots - Timberland 
Jeans - H&M
Parka - Next
Scarf - George 

2 comments on "Fashion | Wearing Khaki For Casual Country Walks in Yorkshire."
  1. Cute outfit and I love those boots! I love getting out and about to explore local areas. Lots of walks and trips in the planning. xxx
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    1. Thank you :-) I absolutely love them. Awesome!! I'd love to read those posts from you, it's cool getting to see a different place in the UK. X