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There's nothing fun about saving money! It's a bore & a complete chore, but something we all need to do eventually. Since changing jobs & buying a house it's safe to say my spending habits as a 25 year old are a hell of a lot different to when I was 18... It's not easy & I feel it's a lifestyle change, but here are a few tips on how I've managed to save a bit of wonga.

1. Stop hoarding & get selling. Make ebay your best friend!
2. Become bank savy! Setting up a direct debit to an ISA is a brilliant way to save money.
3. Questioning do you really need to buy that?
4. Creating a visual reminder of why you're saving money acts as great inspiration. 
5. Don't be ashamed to become a coupon lady.
6. Put that credit card down! Like seriously! Now!
7. Girls night in over a night out any day! Save pennies and have a fab night from the comfort of your own home.
8. Bulk buy the regular stuff if they're on offer.
9. Cancel that gym membership... You know the one you never went to? You obviously don't need it.
10. Avoiding takeaway & fast food doesn't just have financial benefits.
11. Try charity shop shopping.
12. Don't tease yourself with products you shouldn't be buying. Step away from that makeup counter.
13. Try shopping at your local market. The price differences are remarkable.
14. Make presents instead of buying them - It's the thought that counts right?
15. Don't give up!!

Although I've had a few relapses along the way, I feel these tips and tricks have massively helped me save some much needed pennies. Instead of saving for a mortgage, this year I'm saving for holidays which is soo much more exciting!! If you have any other tips or tricks I'd love to hear them.

Thank you so much for reading. Claire.x
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