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Lifestyle | Going #SocialMediaFree

There is absolutely no doubt about it... I always have my phone in my hand! I hate how much I rely on my phone & how much time I spend on social media so I wanted to challenge myself to go #SocialMediaFree over the weekend & prove to myself that I could do it!

My first dilemma happened at 7.30am didn't it! The first thing I usually do before getting out of bed is to check my phone and social media accounts. To remind myself of the challenge I'd even set an alarm named '#SocialMediaFree' because I know I would have forgotten otherwise - I'm waaay to used to grabbing my phone first thing. It felt really bizzare getting straight out of bed, but it was exciting not to reach straight for my phone & as sad as it sounds it felt like I was doing something exciting and proactive with my day. By not reaching for my phone I'd managed to get myself ready for work in record time meaning I could have either had the extra half hour in bed (favourable) or gotten on with my day that but quicker.
Generally on my lunch at work I'll be multitasking... And by multitasking I mean eating and scrolling! That's just the way I, along with pretty much everyone else I know rolls. Instead of getting square eyes in front of my phone screen, I'd decided to pack a book & bury my head in How To Be Parisian, an amazing book written by four sassy a.f Parisian ladies. It was refreshing to pick up a book & it actually inspired me to change up my outfit game. If you haven't read it, then I seriously recommend that you do! It's an amazingly witty, inspiring book! I actually managed to finish the book during that weekend, so it just goes to show how much I enjoyed it!
Coming home from work I'll usually busy myself with jobs to do around the house usually up to around 7.00pm which is when it becomes optimum phone scrolling time. It's so easy to curl up on the sofa, brew in hand and then switch off to enter the captivating world of social media. Rather sadly, I'm usually on and off of my phone for the rest of the night, right up until it's time to go to bed. Even writing this, makes me realise how much of a problem I have! Eeek! To fill time I read some more, took the dog for a walk, finished painting the spare room (that's needed doing for the last three weeks now) and caught up with my boyfriend... Turns out I can be so much more productive with my day when I don't constantly have my phone glued to my hand!

As much as I found it bizzare not having my phone constantly to hand, I really enjoyed the freedom it brought & as weird as it sounds I felt like I'd accomplished something going #SocialMediaFree. I (along with my boyfriend probably) hate how much time I spend on my phone, so I'm really glad I actively completed my mission & I challenge you to do the same. If you're up for the challenege, please let me know & use the hashtag #SocialMediaFree - I'd love to see how you get on.

Lots of love. Claire.x
4 comments on "Lifestyle | Going #SocialMediaFree"
  1. This was a really interesting read! It must have felt really good to be doing things you might not have done if you were on your phone. I turn my phone off for a few days sometimes and it feels so good and refreshing to be away from it all but I always end up having people worried when I don't reply because they expect me to reply straightaway 😂

    1. Thank you Celeste :-) It did feel really good! In fact it made me feel guilty how often I use my phone and social media. Ha. X

  2. Well done! It's really awful how times have changed; now when you look around, everyone is sat glued to their phone, me included! I really want to re-introduce something we've done a couple of times called "Silent Sunday", where one Sunday each month, we switch all phones, laptops, iPads e.t.c. off and either get outdoors, go on a little shopping trip or have a quiet movie day. I must say, my pet hate is seeing couples out for a meal and they are both glued to their phones, rather than talking to each other! Silent Sundays, here I come, haha! xxx
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    1. Isn't it just! It's so bizarre how much people rely on technology now, it's nice to just kick back and relax.. And actually talk to people!! Dan & I went out for lunch last week & the couple on the table behind us, literally never spoke! Each had their phones in their hands & were deathly silent. We just said what's the point of going out for a nice meal & then not actually speaking to each other. How bizarre! I love the idea of Silent Sundays!! That's so good!! X