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Lifestyle | 5 Ways To Combat Being Ill.

It's no secret, that I am the absolute worst person at being poorly. I don't handle it well & basically look for sympathy from everybody and their nanas. I don't get ill very often but when I do get sick, I get really flipping porly. Unfortunately I had to take a few days off work last week, which is very unlike me as I hate admitting defeat to illness.

During my days off, in order to rest and recuperate I planned my days with precision in order to kick that colds butt! Here are my five ways to combat being poorly.

1. Use appropriate medication.
Stupidly I always leave taking any medication until last minute. I don't know why, I always have done & I probably always will do, I really don't like admitting that I'm poorly, but times like this I have to cut my losses & admit defeat. I can't bring myself to take tablets so I make sure my cupboards are fully stocked with medicines, cough sweets and vapour rubs. Those and chocolate... Chocolate counts as medication right?
2. Take a relaxing bath.
Or two! While I was sick I found myself having a bath on the morning as well as on an evening before bed. Granted, it'll do nothing for my water bills, but a good hot bath will always leave you feeling cleansed and refreshed. The steam opens the sinuses and gives a little bit of respite... Lush bath bombs are optional but preferred!
3. Do not get out of your pyjamas.
Whatever you do, do not get out of your pyjamas! That's an order! I couldn't think of anything worse than squirming my way into tight jeans and tshirts while I was poorly. I just want to be a slob in my pyjamas eating chocolate & feeling sorry for myself all day long!
4. Occupy yourself.
While I was poorly I immersed myself in boxsets & trashy tv. I watched The Inbetweeners boxset for about the millionth time and began the new half series of Pretty Little Liars - Which is amazing! I'm hooked already! I've also got myself back into playing The Sims, which as being a 25 year old woman, I'm not sure if it's something I should be admitting to. But what the heck! I speak the truth here on xclaireabella.
5. Puppy cuddles.
I don't mean to brag... But my puppy is literally the cutest thing ever. If you follow me on snapchat (xclaireabella) you'll have seen countless photos of her in all her glory. With her being quite young still, she's always snoozing, so we cuddled up on the sofa pretty much all day while I was poorly. I'm convinced it quickened the healing process.

What do you think to me introducing more lifestlye based posts on xclaireabella? It's something I'm wanting to d more of during 2016 as I believe it conveys my personality more & I want xclaireabella to be a friendly, chatty place for us to catch up.

Thank you for reading! Claire.x
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  1. Hi,
    Kat and I have been reading through your blog and have nominated you for the Beauty Blogger award tag! Go over to our blog to find the rules and questions! Enjoy!
    Elle xxx

    1. Hi Kat :-) That's amazing. Thank you :-) X

  2. Chocolate most definitely counts as medication - one of the best cure-alls, I'd say! And warm and ultimate comfort is great, too. I've got a similar post in the works! I've been lucky this winter, so far... xxx
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    1. Oh good! Ha. I'm glad you agree :-) Ooh, cool. Can't wait to read yours then! Ha. Don't be saying this like that Em, you'll have jinxed yourself now! X