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Fashion | Polka Dot Hearts.

Happy 2016!! I hope you've all had an absolutely wonderful new years, celebrating with loved ones, making (& possibly breaking, already) resolutions & generally doing the whole 'new year, new me' thing. I'm not massively into new years resolutions, the only thing I've mentioned, is that I want to be more productive with my time! Life is way to short to be regretting things we didn't do.... Or to be wearing boring lipstick for that matter!

Primark are absolutely great for their basics tees' - I've got so many of them in my wardrobe *reminder that I need to have a clear out* at the moment & wear each and every one of them to their death. One I've been favouring at the moment is this polka dot heart printed tee. It's navy blue with the repetitive pattern in a contrasting white, which for me is one of the easiest colour pairings to wear. There's something about navy, that oozes luxury to me & even though this tee literally set me back a couple of quid, I've been loving it. In fairness, anything with heart prints on was always going to be a winner... I still dot my i's with little hearts. Ooops! I'm clearly 25 going on 12! 
Along with my cutesy tee, I'm wearing a leather look skirt, yes you saw right!... Claire is in a skirt! Maybe that should be my new years resolution, to become more adventurous with my wardrobe. Hmm. We'll see! Then I've thrown over my trusty sleeveless jacket for good measure - I absolutely love this jacket, It's just so easy to wear & I think it pulls the whole outfit together perfectly. 
Jewellery wise, I'm going for gold! I always go for gold! I blooming love the stuff. I've got my eye on a couple of gold watches at the moment, I just can't decide at the moment on what to go for... Working in a jewellers is such hard work! I'm pretty sure I look like the heart eyed emoji every time I see new stock come in. I obviously need a lottery win!

I'd love to hear what your new years resolutions are & what you think of mine? I'm really wanting to improve my blog this year so any hints or tips (be nice) would be massively appreciated.

Thank you for all your love in 2015!! Claire.x

Top - Primark
Skirt - Oasis
Jacket - New Look
Bag - Primark
Bracelet - Vivienne Westwood
Watch - DKNY
Ring - HSamuels
4 comments on "Fashion | Polka Dot Hearts."
  1. Great look and loving the skirt! I don't really do resolutions either now; I just aim for some goals, like this year I want to find a new job, find some new hobbies, and like you, use my time more wisely! Happy New Year! xxx
    www.justemma.co.uk - natural beauty, affordable fashion, everyday life

    1. Thanks Em. Nahh, it's a weird one for me.. Like I get it, but i just think why do you need it to be a new year for you to change something in your life. If you wanted to do it, surely you'd just change there and then. Aww. Best of luck to you then, I read your post earlier in the week about you struggling to find a new job. I hope 2016 brings you that!! Happy new year :-) X

  2. Ahhh I am such a polka dot addict! Cannot believe that top is from Primark!

    Elesaurus | elesaurus.com

    1. Yeah, It's great isn't it :-) They have all sorts of cutesy designs!! They're (obviously) really affordable too. X