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Earlier on in the week I had the exciting opportunity to attend a blogger event at the Neal's Yard Remedies in the beautifully prestigious Victoria Quarter. It's not very often I pop along to Victoria Quarter as quite frankly, my bank balance would hate me if i did, so it was lovely to receive the invite & indulge in a little bit of luxury at Neal's Yard Remedies.

I'd heard of the brand & have always admired their iconic packaging, however unfortunately that's as far as my knowledge towards NYR went. NYR began its' life in Covent Garden in London, bringing a holistic approach to health and beauty & as a company they are hugely passionate about using natural ingredients throughout their products. I believe natural makeup & skincare is on the up however again it's not something I know a great deal about, so I was really excited to explore the concept some more.

Upon entering the store I was given a super warm welcome by Sunayah who offered the most delicious Vegan treats from Feel Good Union including a platter of absolutely ahhmaazing brownies! After general chit chat Sunayah then questioned my skin type, any issues I was having and what skincare products I was currently using. She instantly recommended the multitasking Wild Rose Beauty Balm, which claims to have ten uses for combating tired & dull looking skin. I have quite normal to dry skin so for me the rose scented balm would be perfect to add moisture and nourishment back into the skin. Knowing that it would work just as well as a lip balm or face mask is a bonus!

I was drawn to the hair care products from NYR in particular and even picked up the Rosemary & Cederwood Hair Treatment as a little treat to myself. Because I've been really well behaved recently!! I have countless cosmetics and skincare products, but hair care is a department I feel I'm lacking in. The deep conditioning product claims to help restore body & shine to the hair & I've got high hopes after hearing it's one of the most popular NYR products. Since having my hair chopped I said to myself that I was going to take much better care of my locks, so hopefully this product will come up trumps! Expect a blog post with my thoughts soon!

Because NYR isn't a brand I had previously explored, I wanted to make sure I had a good look at everything in store. God knows what I must have looked like, picking up each individual bottle, thoroughly examining its' ingredients and its' remedies. I must have been in there carefully inspecting the products for close to an hour. Sounds daft doesn't it now, seeing as though I only came out of there with a hair treatment, but there were a few other bits & bobs I wish I had my eye on. The aromatherapy candles looked amazing, however were a little on the pricey side considering they we're products that I didn't really need... I needed the hair treatment okay?! Don't judge me! The million and one aromatherapy oils looked fabulous too, they'd be perfect to de-stress and unwind during a pamper night & because there were so many, you're sure to find a scent that's perfect for you! My favourite had to be the lemongrass organic essential oil, as I love anything citrus & sickly sweet.

I have to say a massive thank you to Sunayah for inviting me to the event - I had a fabulous time & enjoyed spending time in a store I wouldn't usually venture into. Have any of you guys tried any Neals Yard Remedies products before? I'd love to try some more of their products.



  1. I love Neal's Yard Remedies! I've used quite a few of their products now and have really enjoyed them. They are expensive in some areas, but the fact that they are so natural and use organic ingredients makes it worthwhile. Their eco-factory is only 10 miles from us, so it's nice to know they are made locally, too! I'm really loving their palmarosa facial polish at the moment. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the hair treatment - I've not tried any of their hair products yet. xxx - natural beauty, affordable fashion, everyday life

    1. I kept meaning to ask you what products you'd recommend before I attended the event. Yeah, I found that some of the products we're quite pricey, but you get what you pay for though don't you :-) Aw, that's amazing! That's so cool that it's just down the road from you :-) I tried it yesterday for the first time & really enjoyed it, but I'd like to give it a few more goes before it's up on the blog. I'm definitely going to look into more NYR products :-) X

  2. I've never tried Neal's Yard Remedies but I love the packaging. I'll have to try some of their products. It looks like it was a great event!

    Lauren |

    1. I hadn't before attending the event. The packaging's beautiful isn't it :-) It looks super duper sleek & expensive! X


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