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Beauty | Lush Luxury Bath Oils.

During December I had the amazing opportunity of attending the Lush Leeds Spa event - Obviously the spa was the main attraction, but something else that caught my eye were the Lush Luxury Bath Oils.

I've only actually used one bath oil before in a Birchbox I'd received a little while ago, so when I saw these I was really excited to try them. There's something a little more luxurious using an oil rather than a bubble bar or bath bomb. I can't quite put my finger on it, but to me bath oils just scream luxury  sophistication.

My favourite smelling oil has got to be the green coloured You've Been Mangoed which is packed full of tropically scented mango butter, avocado and lemongrass. The product is the most oily of the three and contains shea butter which feels really gentle & moisturising to the skin. The only downfall with You've Been Mangoed is that the oil clings to the bath leaving a bright green, and pretty unattractive ring, which can be a bit of a bitch to clean. Saying that, I have been three times now to repurchase this little beaut, so the cleaning process can't have been that bad.
Razzle Dazzle is the most moisturising of the three bath oils I picked up. The glittery bath oil turns your bath water the most fantastic hot pink shade whilst soothing your body with amazing shea & cocoa butters. Even though Razzle Dazzle is predominantly butter based, the scent that comes off the product is really fresh and fruity. It's quite a bizarre mix, however I really like the product & think it works exceedingly well at nourishing my skin.
My third and final bath oil, hiding at the back of the photos is Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment which smells absolutely divine! Scent wise, the product has real similarities to Snow Fairy, it's sweet and candy cane scented however isn't quite as strong as the Christmas classic. Weirdly this bath oil isn't particularly oily, don't get me wrong you can feel it once you're in the bath, but you can't see the blobs of oil in the bath, which you can with the other two. If you like the Lush massage bars then you'll love this, as the product leaves the skin feeling extremely silky, nourished and relaxed.

Have you tried any of the Lush Luxury Bath Oils before? I've been really impressed so far, so would love to try the whole collection.

Thank you for reading. Claire.x
4 comments on "Beauty | Lush Luxury Bath Oils."
  1. I haven't tried any Lush bath oils, to be honest I didn't know they did any, they sound amazing though! :) xx


    1. I think they've only been out the last couple of months. You should give them a go :-) I've really enjoyed using them. X

  2. I have never heard of bath oils before. I wonder how it works.


    1. They're only relatively new. You just pop them in your bath whilst it's running & they melt into the water. X