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Beauty | Combatting Weathered Hands With The Body Shop's Almond Hand & Nail Cream.

I'm not sure if its the harsh weather we've had, or whether I'm  just really not blessed in the hands department, but my hands are really suffering at the moment! And after having the sudden realisation that I had the hands of a pensioner, I knew I had to do something about them. Because of my poor little granny hands I thought I'd try a couple of products from The Body Shop - Together the almond oil hand & nail cream and the thirsty hands moisture gloves were surely destined to combat my weathered hands. 

I've used a few of The Body Shops' hand creams before which have always been beaut, however I haven't actually tried anything from the almond oil range, so I was really looking forward to giving this product a go. I don't really know what I was expecting almond oil to smell like, but when I gave it a whiff (because that's the first thing we all do, right?) I wasn't particularly blown away. It's pleasantly subtle with a slightly nutty aroma & perfect for those who don't like overly scented products. The lightly formulated almond hand & nail cream moisturises into the hands perfectly and it's sure to say that a  little goes a long way. I have the 100ml size & I'm sure it's going to last me ages! Weirdly I'm not sure what it is in the formula, but once it's applied, the cream feels exactly like a primer, the hands are left feeling matte, smoothed & protected! After using the product pretty much constantly for the last week or so, I've noticed how healthy looking & glowing my hands have become, which is  complete bonus for me right now. I've used the hand cream with the thirsty hands moisture gloves a couple of times overnight, but being honest I'm not overly sold on them. I totally understand how they protect your hands & I guess I could get used to them, but wearing gloves to bed just isn't for me.
I've enjoyed using the two products & will definitely carry on with the almond hand & nail creamI've also decided that I'm going to I'm going to start getting my nails done again. Woop! Kellie at Big Fashionista recommended Allertons in Leeds so I'll be making sure I get myself booked in to restart my shellac addiction. I'm fancying something nudey with a whole load of glitter!

Do you know of any other products that can combat my pensioner hands? I love trying different hand creams, but I'd love to try other products.

Thank you for reading. Claire.x
4 comments on "Beauty | Combatting Weathered Hands With The Body Shop's Almond Hand & Nail Cream."
  1. I love the body shop's hand creams! My favourite is the hemp hand protector - it is so amazing and I would highly recommend it to anyone! I agree that wearing gloves to bed is a little strange, I don't think I'd be able to get used to that!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

    1. Oh yeah, I'll have to try that one. I've got the hemp lip balm & it's amazing :-) X

  2. My hands are in an awful state at the moment - I suffer from contact dermatitis, which worsens during winter. I've just started using a couple of products from Handmade Naturals, one of which is pure shea butter. Both seem to be lovely products and have very minimal, natural ingredients. I'm hoping it'll heal my hands quickly! Oh, and I'm also in love with Skin Blossom's caring hand cream which smells gorgeous. xxx
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    1. Sounds ouchies. Shea butter is always good for injecting moisture back into the skin isn't it :-) Hopefully it'll work for you & heal your skin. X