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Last week I was a lucky little duck & got myself invited to indulge in a little bit of luxury down at Lamberts Yard in Leeds. After finishing work & coming home to the usual monotonous household chores, an event like this was just what the doctor ordered. Now, pass me the cocktails!

After a warm welcome from SLB, Bridie, Deimante & myself found ourselves doing what every self respected blogger does, and we gravitated towards the bar! The Botanist were on hand offering their signature 'The Botanist' cocktail, a delicious mix of Green Mark Vodca, Havana 3 Rum & Elder flower liquor. I'm glad I got the chance to taste 'The Botanist' as it isn't normally a cocktail I'd go for, I'm a complete cocktail bore to be honest, I like my Strawberry Daiquiris' and that's literally about it. So thank you to The Botanist for opening my eyes to the world of delicious cocktails. 

I found myself wandering past the Wood Wood display on several occasions, gazing longingly at all the beautiful sunglasses. Now let's get one thing straight first, sunglasses & handbags are my weakness! I'm more than happy buying the majority of my clothes from Primark, but when it comes to sunglasses & handbags I want something a little more luxe. Something that surprised me with these Wood Wood offerings is that price wise, they aren't actually too bad!... That's what I'm telling myself anyway! I've got my eye on the Virgos', (bottom picture top right) they're just stunning & at £100 a pair I think they're great.

The star of the show at Lambert's Yard was the sneaky preview of the new Resort collection from Issa. Personally Issa isn't a brand I'd heard of however after hearing they were a favourite with the Duchess of Cambridge, I knew they'd be something pretty special! After having a good old feel (as you do) of the collection my thoughts were proven correct. The thickness of the materiel used scream premium to me, and even though some of the pieces weren't exactly to my taste (monochrome queen over here) I can definitely see why they're so popular.

Other pieces which caught my eye included the gorgeously bright, yellow Ilse Jacobsen rain cape. I love the silhouette a cape gives you & wearing this would certainly make going out in the rain that bit more fun. I've also fallen absolutely hook line & sinker in love with the Williams British handmade handbags!! I love the shapes used to create the handbags, they're so unusual & I particularly love this elongated satchel. It's just stunning!! Something a bit more fun are the Joanna Pybus furry clutch bags. Granted, they're not something I'd grab on a day to day basis but they're really fun & definitely a conversation starter.

Thank you to SLB, I had a fab evening exploring some premium brands at The Powder Room, Lambert's Yard event... Now I just need a lottery win!

Thank you so much for reading.
Lots of love | xclaireabella


  1. Looks like a fun evening! That top blue dress looks stunning. xxx - natural beauty, affordable fashion, everyday life

    1. It was lovely just to relax & indulge a bit tbh, It's the first blogger event I've been to for a while so it was brill :-) X


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