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Welcome to Denham, the newest denim store to hit Leeds city centre created by the rather appropriately named Jason Denham! I honestly thought the stores name was just a play on words, but hearing that the founders name was actually Denham pretty much blew my mind... It's the little things right!
The Denham brand was founded in 2008 with its' first store opening in the beautiful city of Amsterdam, however it's only in the last couple of months when the brand has ventured over to Leeds. I've witnessed the shop going up over the last half a year however haven't actually had chance to pop my head in so when my inbox pinged with an invitation to their event at the weekend, I knew I had to get myself there.

On arrival I was gifted with a much appreciated black coffee and ushered downstairs to take a peak at Denhams' ladieswear collection. I was expecting the store to be packed to the rafters with denim so I was pleasantly surprised by how large the rest of the range is. Denham have the most beautiful coats and knitwear selection. Granted they are more 'treat items' for me because of their price tags but I'd be a very happy lady in pretty much all of their clothes. It's true what they say in that you get what you pay for, and let me tell you that the quality of Denhams' garments are second to none! Denham are really particular about where they purchase their materials from as well as what products they put out there to the public. Denhams' denim (get it?) is purely sourced from either Italy or Japan, ensuring the best quality materials are used to make each of their beautiful jeans. Each jean is also hand washed so if you want to see what the denim looked like before any treatments, you should take a peak in the pockets, the difference is amazing! The Denham logo is also stitched into each item too using a grand total of 691 stitches, how crazy is that. I'd love to know how long it takes somebody just to stitch in the scissor logo. I bet it's a freakin long time. As you can see, there's a lot of effort that goes into each individual Denham garment & you definitely get a sense of that while  in store - There's a fab aptmosphere there & you can definitely sense that it's something special!

After spending a bit of time lusting after Denhams' clothing range, we were kindly invited upstairs to their Private Wardrobe... Ooooh!! What's a private wardrobe I hear you ask, well think having a personal shopper, only on a way more personal & luxurious level. Denham play host to individulas or groups of people looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the shop floor. I don't know about you but for me trying on clothes is such a pain in the arse. I hate cramming myself into a teeny tiny changing room with only a curtain of material to hide my dignity. The idea of having a full room to myself along with all clothes available in my size at my disposal very much interests me greatly!.. It's not just that the changing room is designed around a wardrobe, but yes that does help! Upstairs carries on the modern mashed up interiors of rustic industrial furniture and white washed walls. It's such a beautiful space to be in & I'm pretty sure that if I ever were to design a shop interior (you never know it may happen) it would look exactly like this one!

Jason Denhams' passions don't just lie with denim, he's an avid collector of scissors and you 100% get a sense of that in store. The shops' interior is kitted out with scissor hangers, the brands logo is a set of scissors & probably the most fun (if you like this sort of thing) is that each jean is named after a part of a scissor for example the denim range included pieces such as the Razors, Bolts & Drills. I love little trivia things like this as I think it brings the brand together & it's fabulous knowing & being a part of the founders passions. 

I'd just like to say a massive thank you to Jade for inviting me to the event. I had an absolutely amazing time & learnt a hell of a lot about denim!!

What's your favourite denim brand?

Claire. X

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