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Beauty | Raspberry Balmi Lip Balm.*

You know it's getting to Autumn/Winter when you're heavily relying on a lip balm to get you through the day. The nights are drawing in much earlier now & I'm needing that extra layer of clothing to conquer the chill, but it's my lips are really feeling the struggle. I do suffer quite badly with dry skin during the colder months, but it's always my lips that catch the chill first. I have a lip balm on me at all times, whether it be in my handbag, my desk drawer, in the office or like with this Raspberry Balmi*, on my set of keys.

The Raspberry Balmi* applies brilliantly, it's really quick an easy to use and instantly leaves my lips feeling nourished & refreshed. The lip balm includes antioxidant rich vitamin E, shea butter and jojoba oil to leave the lips feeling smoothed & rehydrated.
The cube design of the Raspberry Balmi* is super handy, it's really easy to find if you're rummaging around in your bag & the twist top feature makes it fun fun to use. I've had loads of people comment the Raspberry Balmi*, even my boyfriend loves it because of its' quirky design.
The raspberry scent is only very slight & honestly if I didn't read that is was scented I probably would never have guessed. I don't mind this though, as much as I love those sickly sweet scents I do quite enjoy using neautral smelling products. I'm one of those fussy, all or nothing type of gals when it comes to scents. 

Have you started reaching for the lip balms yet? What are your favourites?

Lots of love | xclaireabella
2 comments on "Beauty | Raspberry Balmi Lip Balm.*"
  1. I love the packaging on that lip balm. The cube shape looks adorable. I can definitely relate with you though, as soon as the cold weather hits, my lips and skin are definitely in need of some extra moisture!
    I'm really loving your blog! I've tagged you in the Liebster Award (http://lovelettersandlace.blogspot.ca/) I'd really love to see you answer those questions!
    xx Dina

    1. Hey Dina :-) Thank you for that, that's amazing! Ohh yes, even though it's still bright outside now my lips & skin are already starting to suffer. X