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Beauty | Kiss The Moon After Dark Bath Oil*

I don't know about you, but for me the countdown to the weekend always starts on a Wednesday - Two more days till the weekend, two more days till a sleep in & two more days till I can get away with wearing my pyjamas all day! I'm already looking forward to it! Wednesday nights make the best pamper nights, giving you that much needed beauty therapy to see you through the rest of the week & the best way to start is with an oil infused bath.

A couple of months ago I attended #TheCityGirls event in Leeds where I was gifted with a sample sized version of Kiss The Moons' Love After Dark Bath Oil. I was really excited to use the oil as it claims to relax the body & nurture the soul - A sentiment that struck a chord with me as I've recently changed job roles, meaning I now have a wake up time of 6am each morning. Getting up at the crack of dawn certainly takes its' toll on your body, especially the further you get through the week, so I'd saved this oil especially for a full on pamper night!

The bath oil is predominantly floral based, containing RosePalmarosa,Ylang Ylang & Frankincense oil which is renowned for easing the mind - Perfect for resting my weary bones! I thought the scent was going to be really strong but it's not, it's just perfect! I've used bath oils before which stink out the whole house (much to my boyfriends' annoyance) but the scent from this is only quite feint, it's lovely. Once entering the bath, the water was so luxuriously smooth & I could feel the After Dark Bath Oil nourishing my skin almost instantly.

I've tried a couple of bath oils previous to this one & definitely prefer them over a bath bomb (not very blogger I know) but this one's fab. I'd definitely like to explore the brands' different scents more.

Have you tried any bath oils before? I'm a complete bath person, so I'd really love to hear your recommendations? 

Lots of love | xclaireabella
4 comments on "Beauty | Kiss The Moon After Dark Bath Oil*"
  1. This sounds lovely - I love the brand name! Would definitely like to try some of their products. I'm currently celebrating the start of my 3 week holiday, after working last night, with a ylang ylang foot bath! xxx
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    1. Aww super! Sounds lovely. You definitely need to take a bit of time out I reckon. Have you got anything nice planned for your three weeks off? X

    2. My parents and their two dogs will be coming down from Scotland to visit for a couple of weeks, so lots of dog walking and exploring the local area! xxx

    3. Oooh nice! I'll look forward to seeing the pup pictures then! X