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On Saturday I had the pleasure of attending #TheCityGirls event at The Liqorist in Leeds. I'll be posting more about the event next week (it was ahhmazing) but today we'll just be looking at what I wore.

After the event I was actually heading off to a friends Hen Party so I needed a good transitional outfit. Something casual enough for during the day but also something slightly dressy for a night on the tiles. That's when I thought monochrome... You 100% can not go wrong with a monochrome outfit.

I don't think I've styled this blouse on the blog yet, but I've had it for a little while now and I've worn it loads. It's amazing because from the front it looks like an average black blouse however on the back it's a dipped hem with a coat tails style slit up the back. I love how lightweight it is too, perfect for the glorious (hoping I'm not speaking too soon) weather we've been having.
I've contrasted with super bright white jeans, that if I'm honest are a teeny tiny bit too tight for me, but what the heck... I'm a slave to the fashions... I didn't eat too much at the event, lets put it that way. I've worn skinny jeans for the last hundred years & think they always look best paired with a floaty or over sized top to balance out the silhouette.
Because of the beautiful weather I decided to wear open toe sandals, and I kept them flat knowing the busy day I was going to be having. If I'd have worn heels I would have been absolutely buggered by mid afternoon.
Even though I work in a jewellers I don't acually wear too much jewellery but because my outfit is very minimalist I thought I needed it today. I've gone silver, picking pieces from Pandora, Charmed Ivy & an amazing ebay find!

If you were at the event I'd love to see your links, it was great meeting so many new people.

What do you think to todays' monochome outfit?



  1. You look lovely! I really love the hemline on the blouse. I adore monochrome; I've just bought myself a lovely new summer dress in a pretty monochrome print, complete with black tassel belt! Looking forward to hearing more about the event. :) xxx
    www.justemma.co.uk - natural beauty, affordable fashion, everyday life

    1. You can't go wrong with monochrome :-) Sounds lovely... I'm sure I'll see it on your blog at some point soon right? Thank you! Hopefully should have it sorted next week... I took way to many photos. X

  2. You looked beaut, as ever - really classic, understated and chic! Hope you enjoyed the hen do :) xxx
    Jess | http://www.glitterbat.net

    1. Thanks chick! What a sweetie :-) I did thank you!! The cocktail drinking continued, lets put it that way! Was fab seeing you :-) X

  3. Great outfit, monochrome always looks amazing for a day to night look


    1. Thanks Emma. They really are aren't they! So super duper versatile. X


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