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Beauty | Esqido Luxury Mink False Eyelashes*

I used to really dig fake eyelashes when I turned 18 (all those many moons ago) & started going on nights out, getting all dressed up & being all glam, trying to impress the male population. I really loved the effect they had on my eyes & it felt amazing to have lovely long fluttery lashes. I went through a stage of wearing them quite repeatedly & to be honest I'm not entirely sure why I stopped. I haven't worn falsies for at least four/five years now & quite frankly the thought of applying them now seems like such a chore.

When my inbox pinged with a message from Esqido asking if I wanted to try their fake lashes I jumped at the chance. For me there's something so reminiscent about fake lashes, wearing them takes me right back to my younger days, enjoying cocktails with friends & dancing on tables - Those were the days! I also wanted to test myself, just to check whether I'd lost the skill of applying falsies, because we all know it's not the easiest task in the world!

Esqido isn't a brand I'd heard of before, maybe because of my recent laziness when it comes to false lashes, but after having a browse on their website I knew I was in for a fantastic experience. The first thing that stood out to me was the price - Call me stingy, but I used to buy the Eyelure lashes which came in under £10 and after noticing the Esquido false eyelashes range from £25 to £32 I had high expectations. The concept behind Esqido's mink eyelashes is that they're much more lightweight, more comfortable & really natural looking - One of those 'my lashes but better' (& it pains me to write that) type falsies. I was lucky enough to receive the 'Unforgettable' mink false eyelashes, a gorgeous set of super long, winged lashes.

The first thing that shone out to me, signifying the price difference, is the packaging. How beautiful is this packaging! Although I'm a sucker for a well packaged beauty product, for me it's not the be all & end all of a cosmetic. There's a lot of brands nowadays that are incorporating the ever growing copper trend into their products, and even though I do think it's a little repetitive the metallic background reflects the lashes brilliantly & I think it works really well in creating a brand for Esqido.

The look these lashes provide is fantastic! I'd forgotten how fabulous wearing false lashes felt & these from Esqido were no exception. Once on they instantly made me feel all glamorous & princess like which was fantastic. They make my face appear so much more feminine & I really love the overall appearance of these lashes. The lashes feel really delicate & are probably the most lifelike feeling false eyelashes I've tried - To me this really made a difference & gave a much softer look.
These lashes are ridiculously long! I needed to cut a good quarter of the strip off before I could apply them to my lids without them looking silly. But maybe I've got weirdly small eyes, who knows?
The application process was really easy! Esqido don't provide any lash glue, which really narked me, luckily I had some spare adhesive lying in my makeup bag, otherwise I would have been seriously peeved. Again maybe I'm being stingy, but because the price of Esqido's false eyelashes is so high I would have thought a lash glue would be included. Please tell me if this is just me? (Esqido have later told me this is something they're looking into incuding with each false lash pack.)
The false eyelashes felt really heavy on my lids after applying - Admitently this did wear off after a bit of time & after I could get used to the weight but it really surprised me how heavy my lids felt after applying the false eyelashes.

Esqido lashes claim to last up to 25 uses, so these will be my go to lashes for any special occasions coming up. I love the look of these lashes & truth be told I can see why they're a pricier false lash however if I was to buy any more in the future I'd probably stick to Eyelure, purely from a price perspective.

Have you tried any of the Esqido lashes before? What are your thoughts on their products?

9 comments on "Beauty | Esqido Luxury Mink False Eyelashes*"
  1. Oh WOW! Love these on you. Your eyes just look incredible x

  2. I am dying to try these, I feel like a it of a lash novice so I can't justify it but they do look really beautiful :)
    Roo xx

    1. I'm a bit of a lash novice tbh. I've not worn them for years, but these were sooo easy to apply! They're a little pricier than normal, but I think you can really tell the difference with how natural they feel :-) X

  3. They do look amazing, have to say they must be perfect if you were a performer on stage, or a super-glam night out. Love the packaging too.

    xx Síle
    Any Idle Sunday

    1. It's gorgeous packaging isn't it - They look fab the way the lases reflect off the metallic backing. X

  4. they look gorgeous, I've only used false lashes once and I'm terrible at it
    The Color Palette

    1. Aw! Practice makes perfect though! Some of them can be really tricky mind. X