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Last week I attended a VIP Blogger event at the Body Shop in the White Rose Shopping Centre in Leeds, where we were presented with a wide range of their fab new products.

Tom & Shannon at the store ran the event & were ridiculously helpful - The knowledge they had on their products was insanely good, and their passions for their jobs was inspiring to see & be a part of.
I had a wonderful time at the event and had the opportunity to sample some fab new product ranges...

Fuji Green Tea
It's no secret that Green Tea is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients, that do you good both inside and out; So it seems only inevitable for The Body Shop to bring out their own range of Green Tea products. The Body Shop source their Green Tea from Mount Fuji in Japan which is renowned for their high quality, refreshing & revitalising Green Tea, so right from the beginning there were high hopes for these products. The range is divided into three beautifully smelling sections from cleanse & detox, to replenish, and then refresh, and holds a total of nine products.
The first cleanse & detox stage basically includes everything you'd use in the bath, so it includes an exfoliating soap, body scrub & a shower gel, however what really caught my eye was the bath tea & infuser. The stainless steel infuser is filled with Fuji Green Tea Bath Tea and popped under the tap as you're running your bath. Quickly the running water infuses your bath with the most delicious smelling scents that help destress & relax the whole body. 
The second stage is replenishing the moisture back into the skin. This section includes a body butter, body lotion & a body sorbet, all of which have a similar level of moisture however the texture between the three is very different. I actually ended up buying the Fuji Green Tea Body Sorbet because of its' super light and fluffy consistency, it's not like anything I've ever tried before, but felt like an absolute dream to apply.
The third & final stage is to refresh with the Fuji Green Tea Eau De Cologne, a very awakening, unisex scent. It's a very fresh & light scent with notes of green tea (obviously) & hints of jasmine and bergamont - An all round delicious scent!

Virgin Mojito
Another newie (and a goodie) from The Body Shop is their Virgin Mojito range & let me tell you, it's absolutely stunning & probably my favourite of the new scents! Personally I'm not a mojito lover, I can't be doing with mint in my drinks, however the scent The Body Shop have produced for this product range is gorgeous! Strangely some products seem to be mintier than others so it's not a consistent scent however whichever way the mint to lime ratio is, they all amazing. They have a couple of the usual products in the range such as the body scrub & body butter, but something I've not seen before is the body splash, a perfume type product that applies exactly how it says on the tin and smells so delicious & zesty.

Honey Bronze

I feel like I struggle when it comes to bronzing & fake tanning. I just haven't got the knack for it & I'd much rather be pale than have streaky brown lines all over myself. Saying that, I'm actually pretty tempted by a few things from the honey bronze range.

The Body Shops' bronzing powder really caught my eye, even though the two newer shades are much darker, it's the paler products that I really liked. The honey bronze bronzing powder is a super pigmented matte powder which will easily give that sun kissed glow & with a whopping 6 shade range, you're bound to find the perfect shade.

They've also brought out the new honey bronze highlighting dome, due to land in stores next month, which very much reminds me of the eos lip balms in the way that they're applied. The product is applied in the tub & goes over the cheek bones with one quick swish! The darker shade was way too dark for me, but the lighter product is amazing, it's the perfect amount of shimmer to illuminate my complexion.

Another new product to the honey bronze range & out next month is the leg tint, which at first applies quite dark but blends beautifully to reveal a tanned yet still natural glow. I love the idea of this product because even if I am tanned (which is very rarely) my legs never seem to catch up with the rest of my body, so this would be perfect!

Once again a huge thanks goes to Leah, the manager at The Body Shop, White Rose & also to Tom & Shannon for running the event. Damn you for persuading me to spend my pennies,my bank balance is doing me no favours at the moment... But I had a brilliant time!

What's your favourite body shop product?



  1. I love the sound of the Virgin Mojito range! Really need some minty beauty products in my stash. The green tea bath infuser sounds fun! My favourite product from The Body Shop is the Chocomania body scrub; it smells just like chocolate brownies! xxx - a fashion, beauty & lifestyle blog

    1. It's such a gorgeous smell! I can't wait for it to come out properly :-) Ooh fab! I'll have a look at that, I signed myself up for the body shop loyalty card so I'm going to look into trying some new products... and if it smells like brownies that it's bound to be a winner for me! X

  2. I couldn't make this event sadly, but it looks so good. The mojito range sounds amazing! Who wouldn't want to rub themselves in a cocktail ;) haha!
    Bee xxx

    1. It was fab! It's a shame you couldn't make it. Yeah ha, people might start talking if you use the whole range in one go, but it smells absolutely divine! X

  3. Loved reading your post about the event Claire! It was such a fun event and loved getting a sneak peak at the Mojito range! Gutted I didn't get to speak to you much but hopefully we can speak more at the next one :)

    Gabby xo

    Blog - What She Buys / Instagram / Twitter

    1. Thanks Gabby! I know, I'll definitely have to catch up with you at the next one. I can't wait to get my hands on more of the Mojito range! It's so so nice isn't it! X


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