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Food | The Olde Young Tea House, Middlesbrough

Last week I had a bit of time off work so decided to make the most of it by popping down to London (as you do) but also travelling back up North to my hometown of Middlesbrough! I spent a few days visiting family & catching up with old friends dabbling in a few 'sweet treats' in between.
I've not visited The Olde Young Tea House before, but have always heard such rave reviews so I was fully expecting it to be the Ritz of the tea world... And after visiting with my sister Becca, I've decided that it completely is! 
We were greeted by a really lovely chatty lady who apologetically told us they had no tables available right that very second but she would get one cleared down right away. I unfortunately didn't catch her name but our table was cleared immediately and we were seated within a number of seconds. We even got our choice of tables... Of course we picked one right by the window so we could people watch. 

The Olde Young Tea House is a chintzy little (even though it has grown considerably since opening) establishment which has the largest selection of teas and cakes I think I've ever seen! In all honesty it was a little daunting selecting which tea to have, they had so much choice you honestly need a good fifteen minutes to make sure you've scanned the range and are picking the one that's right for you. I was well and truly under tea pressure! Eventually I opted for handmade peppermint tea which isn't too adventurous I know, but for an English Breakfast lover like myself I thought it was pretty good going.
The tea came out in cute ceramic tea pots with fancy fluted cups and saucers, all of which added to the shabby chic theme they're going for in the tea room. If I'm being picky they could have been a bit cleaner, there were sight chips on the crockery and you could tell they we're quite old pieces but other than that the teas' were delicious. I've not actually sampled peppermint tea before, it had a very minty scent but on drinking it was delicious, you could still taste that familiar tea taste underneath, so I was really pleasantly surprised.
Now onto the cakes! The most delicious, inventive cakes! All of which are handmade on site might I add! I chose the chocolate dime bar cupcake which was really light & fluffy. The chocolate ganache on top was insanely good, it was the best bit for me. So smooth & creamy, it was absolutely delicious... And gone in about 5 seconds flat!

The interior of the tea room is very shabby chic! As an Interior Design graduate i think this style has been done to death, but with the handmade homely feel they have going on at The Olde Young Tea House, I actually think it works pretty well. I particularly liked the patchwork bunting that hung from the ceiling... I wouldn't be surprised if they'd made it themselves. Another iddy biddy thing that niggled me (trying to be nice here) was the table to floor space ratio, the room was very cramped, we had to really squeeze past seated customers to reach our table which was slightly annoying for us and probably the other guests we were brushing past. Obviously once we were seated everything was perfect, it was just reaching the table which was a bit of an obstacle course. 
I would 100% visit The Olde Young Tea House again. There were a few things I wasn't keen on, but the deliciousness of the tea and choice of cakes would keep me coming back every time! The staff there are a credit too, they gave the warmest welcome possbile & I'd go out on a whim and say it's the best tea room in Teesside. Also on another note, I realise now I probably shouldn't have work pink - I'm starting to blend into the wallpaper! Ooops. I'm obviously enjoying my peppermint tea and people watching though.

Have you visited The Olde Young Tea House before? If you have I'd love to hear your thoughts. Also if you know of anywhere similar to this in Leeds then please shout up.


4 comments on "Food | The Olde Young Tea House, Middlesbrough"
  1. Sounds like you had a great time! Great choice of cupcake; it looks amazing! xxx
    www.justemma.co.uk - a fashion, beauty & lifestyle blog

    1. Yeah it was fab :-) I really want to get more into foodie type stuff on my blog because i enjoy reading it on other peoples. X

  2. This place looks so cute and cosy! :) Sounds like they have an amazing range of teas & cakes - that chocolate dime cupcake looks divine, fab choice! :D

    Style Sunrise ☀


    1. It really is! It's brill :-) A lovely addition to Middlesbrough town centre. I can't wait to go back & try more! X