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Event | Beauty Matters, Garforth, Leeds.

The best part of being a blogger is having the opportunity to attend some pretty spectacular events, and last week I was invited to the grand relaunch of Beauty Matters in Garforth, Leeds.
Beauty Matters is a long established independent beauty brand with two salons based in Leeds, one in Rothwell & the other in Garforth. As well as doing the usual beauty salon treatments, Beauty Matters also offer non surgical treatments such as 3D Liposuction, Botox and Semi Permanent Makeup Tattooing. I'm not at an age where I feel these procedures would be necessary however I'm still highly interested in the treatments and I wouldn't rule them out in the future.

We were greeted with a super warm welcome, a glass of fizz & a whole load of canapes... Which is always the best way to start a blogger event! Along with other nibbles, I had the most delicious chocolate mousse with crushed almonds on top. It was so tasty, but it'd be so easy to recreate so I might have to try it sometime. 
With a glass of champagne in hand, I then tootled off to take a look at some of the available treatments.

I then ventured across to a room where Beauty Matters were displaying the first of their non surgical treatments, the 3D Liposuction. This type of treatment has seemingly taken the celebrity world by storm and it's no wonder with the innovative technologies the 3D Lipo has to offer. The suction process kills 20% - 40% of localised fat & deep cellulite, however this isn't something that's apparent straight away, it's more over the course of several months where you should notice the difference. Treatments range between £40 and £210 and have had rave reviews by various members of the Beauty Matters team. The lady sitting for the one hour treatment advised me that it was completely painless, if anything it was cold, but apart from that she felt completely comfortable.

I then popped into the treatment room next door where they were doing a skin analysis. This is always something that has fascinated me as I'm really big on skincare and am always wanting to learn how to improve my morning & nighttime skincare routine. I put my face into the rather alien looking analysis machine and have to say I was pretty surprised with the results. The scanner checked for blocked pores, uneven textures, skin damage & so much more. What I was surprised at is how good my skin actually is! I seemed to have passed with flying colours... Apart from sun damage! My face is ridiculously skin damaged, I really need to start using products with higher SPF's. What I was advised is that my face has 24 years of skin damage, it's not something that's happened recently so hopefully if I gradually change my beauty products to ones with an SPF it'll help to a certain extent in combating my sun damaged skin.

Now onto a biggie for me! Semi permanent makeup! If there's one treatment I would love to have, it's semi permanent eyebrows. My eyebrow game can be pretty strong, but let me tell you, it takes a good fifteen minutes to get them all arched & perfect so having something like this would be a massive help. Semi permanent makeup differs slightly to a tattoo where they only use pigment instead of ink and when they apply the pigment it sits just under the first layer of skin as opposed to under deeper layers. The pigment lasts for around 5 years however a lot of ladies top theirs up after a couple of years. Prices are available upon request, however I was advised it would cost around £200 for the procedure, which for 5 years worth of eyebrows is pretty good!... If only my boyfriend agreed!

I then got to have a nosey around the rest of the salons treatment rooms where they do the more standard procedures such as tanning, waxing & massages. All rooms were very clean & tidy, and super inviting. When I arrived I was gifted with a little goodie bag full of Environ skincare products as well as a £10 off voucher for the salon. I'll definitely be making good use of the voucher, I just can't decide which treatment to have yet. Decisions decisions! 

Have you ever tried any of these treatments before? I'd love to have a snoop if you did!

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  1. Really wish I could have gone to this event! I heard it was absolutely fab! Hopefully they'll have another event soon :)
    Fashion Infatuation

    1. Yeah :-) It was brill! I learnt absolutely loads. Ha. Shame you missed it! X

  2. Sounds really interesting! Love the idea of the skin analysis. The semi-permanent make-up also sounds like a great idea. Oh, and the chocolate mousse sounds yummy! :) xxx
    www.justemma.co.uk - a fashion, beauty & lifestyle blog

    1. It was fab! Really really interesting - I feel like I've learnt absolutely loads from the event. It was fab - She did such a good job! I'd deffs look into getting my eyebrows done later on. X