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If there's one thing to come out of 2014 it's got to be the Kylie Jenner lip!... That dark nude, super full, super luscious, 90's inspired lip! And because she's so babelicious, that exact colour, Macs' Velvet Teddy has been sold out & an absolute nightmare to get my hands on. But last week, after continuously getting turned away, my local Mac counter finally had this lovely nudey number back in stock! Hallelujah!

Oh my goodness! Was this product worth the wait... Hell yes! What a dreamy little product this is. 

Velvet Teddy is quite a deep brown shade of lipstick that has slight pinkish undertones - It's pretty much the perfect nude! It's strange because nude lips are often very subtle and are used to let your eye make up do the talking, but with this it feels different & much more of a statement lip. I'm forever being complimented when wearing Velvet Teddy, there's just something about it that's so delicious!
There's often a worry with matte lipsticks that they can be quite drying however as per, Mac have absolutely hit the nail on the head with the formula of Velvet Teddy. Once applied it oozes luxury & feels super nourishing on the lip, in fact it almost feels like a lip balm it's that moisturising.
The staying power of Velvet Teddy is brilliant as well, even if it wasn't I'd probably still love it as much as I do, but this lasts for hours - I'm so so impressed with it. It's no wonder this product has been sold out for such a long time.

Also how cute is this Its Christmas Deer* scarf? I was lucky enough to attend the opening of Lush, White Rose last week where I was gifted with this fabulous knot wrap, it's a multinational reusable 'wrapping paper' however I've been wearing it as a scarf to get myself into the festive spirit. Ho ho ho!

Have you been lucky enough to get your hands on this product? I still need to purchase the lip pencil Soar to wear alongside this lipstick, but that's another one that's currently out of stock. Darn it!



  1. oh that's such a pretty shade! i think i need it

    from helen at

    ps. enter my £660+ huge xmas beauty giveaway, if you like! click here.

    1. Haha you definitely do! There's no thinking about it. It's such a gorgeous product! X

  2. Aw so cute! your make up looks flawless x

    1. Aw :-) That's so nice! Thank you so much!! X


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