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Beauty | Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

Okay, so I'm pretty sure I'm the last one to the party here & I'm equally sure most of you'll have read this type of post over and over again... But for those that haven't, welcome to the wonderful world of Garniers' Micellar water!
I actually picked up this Micellar Water doing my weekly shop in Sainsburys, of all places. I'd love to say I went on a wild cosmetics haul... But nope... Sadly not! I've been using it just over two weeks now and already I can't imagine my dressing table without it!

My first thoughts on the micellar water was utter amazement - The 400ml bottle claims to last for up to 200 uses & no way was I believing that for a second...Until I started using it! I normally use cleansing wipes which I'm forever repurchasing and can be a bit of a complete nightmare - And the good ones aren't cheap! But as you can see from my images & the amount of product used I have every faith it's going to last me all of 200 uses. So with just that alone I'm really impressed - It's going to save me an absolute fortune!

Garniers micellar water is a gentle & efficient cleansing water that eradicates absolutely any sign of make up. It's absolutely fantastic! It's cleansing & hydrating and gives my face such a good 'pick me up'. I feel super fresh and my skin feels beyond amazing after using this product! I feel like my skin is at it's most natural after using this Micellar water, it feels naturally naked & I love it! Dans even been using it every now & then to give his skin a bit of a refreshment! 

It's super easy to use (which I love) just a couple of drops on a cotton pad and give it a good old swish round your face. For eye makeup you may need to put a bit more oomph into it, but no where near enough as any other product I've used. This is by far the easiest make up remover/cleanser I've used - It's amazing.

I honestly couldn't recommend this product enough! I bloody love it!


6 comments on "Beauty | Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water"
  1. I was also very late to the micellar water party. I've only just tried this out after picking it up at a car boot sale recently! I have to agree with you, it is amazing and it leaves my skin feeling so good afterwards and not dry at all. I love it! If you have a Savers near you, this stuff is only £2.99 in there!

    Miss Beauty Saver / Instagram

    1. Oh good... Glad I'm not the only one. Ha! Oooo a car boot sale! How interesting. I love ca boots, you can pick up some absolute bargains! Aw fab! I think we do so i'll have a little nosey next time i'm in town :-) X

  2. I got this today after seeing your post on it pop up on my screen. I'm yet to test it but I'm hoping for the best! I'm testing it on my berry lipstick later today. :)
    Miss Blue Eyes

    1. Aw let me know what you think of it, I'm sure you'll love it! :-) It works wonders. X

  3. Been using it since July and love it.. Lush for a good price ;)


    1. Oh deffinitely! It's an amazing product isnt it :-) X