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Beauty | The Body Shop Lipscuff.

This is a product I've been using for years and years! It's something that never ever leaves my handbag -  I almost think I'm dependent on it. When I was younger I used to suffer quite badly with dry & cracked lips, it was something I was quite self conscious about because whenever I'd wear nice lipstick bits would always flake off and leave me looking like the Joker from Batman. (Not a good look). Using The Body Shops' Lipscuff has worked absolute wonders for me!!

This little stick of pepperminty wonder contains crushed fig stone granules that act as an exfoliator for lips. You apply it just the same as you would a lipstick, I've tried others that come in small tubs and you have to apply it with your fingers (getting it all stuck under your nails. Yak) but this lipscuff couldn't be any easier!! The marula oil inside lipscuff moisturises faultlessly & teamed with the gritty fig stone is a match made in heaven! I couldn't recommend this product enough! It's formula matched with the gorgeous minty smell is sublime. It's £8.00 for this stick which I think is really reasonable considering it lasts for so long! And it lasts for absolutely aaages!

Have you guys got any 'wonder products' you've been using?


Lipscuff - The Body Shop £8.00
Nail Polish - Essie £7.99
Earrings - Primark £2.00