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Beauty | Birchbox No.2 Review

After having a bit of a pamper night after a very long & boring weekend I've decided to give you my 2nd Birchbox review. A bit of good & a bit of bad but here's this months box of treats...

Benefit Cosmetics - They're Real (£19.50)
I know this is one of those products that 'everybody' has tried, but not little old me, I'm new to the 'They're Real' bandwagon. I love the idea of benefit products but I've never brought myself to fork out their prices, which might seem a little ridiculous as it's not majorly expensive but I normally pick up Loreal Lash Architect for a quarter of the price sooo... I do like this however, in fact I really like it! It's a fabulous formula which adds masses of volume to my lashes without clumping! I don't know how they've done it - But it works effortlessly. June is my birthday month too (Yay!) so I've asked for my sister to get me the full size version. Fingers crossed!!

Soigne - Nail Lacquer (£11.00)
This is my 'all fur coat & no nickers' product... Bet it's never been called that before right? The packaging on this is just beautiful, it comes in a cleverly designed crisp white box & is the protected with a lovely black soft casing. The product itself though is very watery, I didn't really like how it applied at all & had to give several coats. Because the lacquer is so thin my nails chipped after the first day which was really disappointing. At £9.00 I definitely won't be repurchasing, it's a lovely colour & I have heard some good reviews but sorry this ones just not for me.

Aromatherapy Associates - Revive Morning Bath & Shower Oil (£39.00)
What a treat! I was super excited when I opened this. I've never used aromatherapy oils before but have really wanted to try them, I naively didn't realise you could just buy them and put them in your bath for a soak - I thought it was something you had to venture out to a Spa for. How wrong I was! Firstly this product leaves my skin feeling ridiculously silky, but it smells absolutely divine too, not only while you're in the bath but it seems to linger for days, it's awesome! We live on a one floor flat too so the smell seemed to flow through the whole space. (And no i didn't receive half a bottle, I just couldn't wait to use it!)

Philip Kingsley - One More Day Dry Shampoo (£13.50)
To be honest, this product was pretty wasted on me... To me dry shampoo is dry shampoo. I usually use something from the Batiste range which you can pick up for around £2.00 at the local discount store. For me this Philip Kinglsey product does the exact same job, now I've just gained a handbag size version.

Liz Earle - Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser (From £13.25)
The things this product does to my skin is absolutely unbelievable! I've said from the beginning I'm a bit of a make up/beauty novice & I've never really 'cleansed' or 'toned' my skin before. As a blogger I realise this is a bit of a crime & good old soap and water has done me well so far but I will definitely be investing in this product! The creamy cleaner & muslim hot cloth combo leaves my skin feeling really fresh & perfectly cleansed. I don't have particularly bad skin but honestly, my face has never felt so good! Go you Liz Earle!

So a bit of a mixed bag this week, some things I love, some things not so much! Luck of the draw though I guess & really it's only the nail lacquer I wont be using again so it's not all bad!

Thanks for taking a look. Lots of love.
2 comments on "Beauty | Birchbox No.2 Review"
  1. Is this June's Birchbox? I received my first one in May. It's an interesting idea, but not all hits. I hate polish that chips after (less than) one day. :] // itsCarmen.com ☼

    1. Hi Carmen :-) No this is Mays. I signed up in April but it was quite late in the month & I wanted to space me reviews equally :-) Did you get a similar box to this? X