Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Yesterday I attended my first ever bloggers event - As part of the fringe event for NE1's Newcastle Fashion Week, DYO put on a 'Prelaunch Party' at Nancy's Bordello close to the city centre & quayside. It was a fab event, from start to finish! Being greeted with wine and cupcakes is always a bonus, but we got to make & take home our own Princess Pendants which was just fabulous!

DYO Fabulous Jewellery (Or Design Your Own Fabulous Jewellery) have come up with a brilliant concept & niche in the market when it comes to jewellery!.. Being able to design unique jewellery incorporating ethically sourced semi precious stones & beads. So not only will you be doing good, but you'll also have some fabulous jewellery that no one else will have!

We had a presentation led by Janet, the founder of DYO, who confessed (again & again) her love for jewellery as well as explaining her journey, from sourcing all the different components to setting up the web interface. Janet explained the darker secrets behind where our average high street jewellery comes from (which is pretty horrible btw) and discussed how passionately feels about ethically sourcing all the different components to make up DYO fabulous jewellery - Janet handpicks these components from artisans all over the world, so your jewellery really does tell a story. The 'Design Your Own' interface is really easy too... To begin with there's a template of three necklace lengths, collar, princess & matinee, from here you can click and drag over different pendants, chains, bead choices & clasps to make something that is unique to yourself! There are so many different choices too - It's difficult to choose, especially for an indecisive bugger such as myself!

DYO also offer a service where you can send in old jewellery items, such as an old pearl necklace, to be made into something bespoke and completely new! They colour match too!.. Janet gave an excellent example of a bride wanting to match her dress to her jewellery, so a swatch of material can be sent over to DYO to match up with some fabulous specially made jewellery!

Towards the end of the afternoon we had the opportunity to make our own Princess Pendant necklace. We selected our own chains, clasps, pendants & beads to make up our bespoke necklaces. I opted for muted more natural colours as they will go with a variety of outfits, however chose a chunkier than normal chain to do something a bit different. 

Here's my finished princess pendant! How fab is it - I'm super pleased with how it's turned out. I'm surprised actually at how long it took for me to complete the necklace, it's a lot harder than I thought it was going to be, but competing it & doing it myself makes me love it more! 
I won the bracelet too in a lucky dip! Yay :-)

I absolutely loved my first bloggers event & and meeting other bloggers from the North East. Thank you DYO for inviting me!.... I'm proud to say I'm a fabulite! 



  1. I loved this event especially the jewellery making and the cupcakes were pretty good too haha, it was great to meet you as well :)

    Roo xx

    1. Same! Was fab to be able to get involved and make our own necklaces. Lovely meeting you! I'm following your blog & look forward to your new posts. X

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