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A week has passed since receiving my very first Birchbox so without further ado I'm going to give you my honest review of the five products I received.

The Balm Cosmetics - How 'Bout Them Apples (£26.00 For Palette) 

Isn't the packaging on this just the cutest! I cannot big this product up enough!.. This is one of those products where as soon as I've finished this sample, I'll be straight to the shops buying a top up. This is a dual function product, both a lip & cheek cream in 'Pie' which is a lovely vibrant dark corally pinky colour. It's totally fab - really punchy on the lips yet quite simple & subtle on the cheeks. The perfect combination if you ask me! It's ridiculously easy to apply too... If anything I just need a bigger pot!

Color Club - Gold Struck (£15.00 for set of 4)

I was quite surprised with this one - As looks go by, it's not the prettiest bottle, in fact I thought it looked a bit cheap however the product inside is lovely. It's a gorgeous pearly colour with loads of shine, it's a really thick liquid too which was soo easy to apply. I only needed one coat! I applied it at the beginning of the week and even though it has chipped in places I wouldn't say it was any worse than normal polish. 

One Love Organics - Skin Savior (£30.00)

I'm not a lover of this product at all. The smell is lovely, but that's about as far as the good reviews go. For me it's far too oily & greasy, it make my skin feel all slippy & not very nice at all. This is pretty much all i can say on this product, I'm really stuck for words.

Laura Mercier - Body Soufle Body Creme (£27.00)

If you follow my blog you'll know I mentioned my godsend No.7 cream & how i was dubious about how this would compare. Yes its a lovely cream and yes it makes my skin feel gorgeous - But (you guessed it) I'm sticking with my No.7! This body soufle has given it a bloody good go but honestly I'd be surprised if anything beat my fantastic No.7!

Beauty Protector - Protect & Detangle (£15.00)

I've only used this product twice during the week, because even though it makes my hair feel fab, sleek & healthy to begin with, by the end of the day my hair is left feeling quite greasy & I need to wash it again. I don't know if anyone else has had this problem but on both occasions I had the same issue. Maybe it's my hair though, it's horribly dry from years & years of straightening.  

Sooooo, so far so good I'd say. My eyes have definitely been opened to new brands & products, which is exactly why I subscribed to Birchbox. I'm already looking forward to my next box of treats! I'd love to hear some other reviews on these products, so send me your links if you have them :-)

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    1. :-) Thanks - I'm really pleased with Birchbox! X

  2. Sigh I wish I could Get birch box in my country! :/
    Following you now, Do follow back to return the love and support!
    Red Alice

    1. Aw that's a shame - I didn't realise they only delivered to select countries. Seems strange!
      I certainly will - Thanks for following. :-) X