A parenting & lifestyle blog written by Claire Chircop.


I'm new to all this blogging lark so i suppose i best start by introducing myself...

Hi! My names Claire, I'm currently living in the North East of England and at the ripe old age of 23 I'm a little older than usual to start blogging, but hey!.. I'll give it a go anyway.
There's one reason and one reason only to why I have set this up, and that is to save money!
Strange yes I know but here's my theory...
I don't know about anybody else, but if i see things written down (or posted in blogs) then they predominantly stick in my head. For example... If i spent £2000 on a Mulberry bag, as lovely as they are, I'd see it written in my blogs for years to come and think £2000!! Claire you idiot, why in Gods name did you think that was a god idea?!?!
I do the same with my weekly spends (rent/bills/food/petrol) I have everything written down on my fridge week by week. Totally lame i know but it helps me prioritise what i need and what i don't need. 
I'm a bit naughty you see, If i buy something that costs £80... I'll say it cost me £40 so i don't feel as bad. 
I need to stop!
Anywho getting a bit off course. Which I'm sure you'll get used to as the months go on. 
This is me...

As far as fashion goes my style tends to be very smart casual, maybe with a grunge twist. Think tailored blazers with ripped boyfriend jeans or pretty girlie pastels with chunky black boots and accessories. All on a budget of course!

I'm hoping to be posting a few blogs a month, all with different styles & looks. Any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks for taking a look. Lots of love.

PS. Never in a million years could i afford a Mulberry bag.
Also i'm getting my hair dyed and bangs put in tomorrow so i probably wont look much like me picture, but you'll see!