So the title ClaireMac isn't exactly that imaginative as my name's Claire McPartland, but still. Welcome to my little slice of internet! I suppose this is the page where I'm supposed to wow you with how amazingly interesting I am... Well chaps, hold onto your hats!!

I'm a Northern gal who recently moved out of the smog & to enjoy the fresh Yorkshire air of Leeds. I've been here just over a year now & in that time I've been growing this blog, which is predominantly a fashion & beauty blog. I have however been known to include other, more lifestyle based ramblings, so watch out for those bad boys, because you're in for a treat. 
I started my blog after having the idea to start one, rather randomly in the shower. I hadn't read any blogs previously, or watched any youtube videos so god knows where I'd magicked the idea up from, but for me it seemed like too much of an amazing opportunity not to try. Once I'd got dried & dressed (obviously) I'd totted off to my laptop & there ClaireMac was created! I've always had a massive interest in fashion, reading the latest vogue magazines & swooning over catwalk runways, so I suppose blogging was a natural progression... The whole beauty thing took a little longer to develop, but heyho, we're finally there & it's now an area of my blog, that I love getting stuck into.

I've been growing my blog, for the last couple of years now & honestly, I couldn't think of life without it. My love for writing has grown, just about as much as my love for lipsticks (which is pretty high if you hadn't guessed) & I can't wait to see where this little slice of internet takes me.

Thank you so much for visiting! Claire.x

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