Saturday, 12 August 2017

Beauty | Loreal Paradise Mascara

It feels like there's new products appearing at our beauty counters every single day now. New palettes, new lip products - It's quite hard to keep up! But one product I did want to keep up with & was very excited about is the Loreal Paradise mascara.
I've seen this product being promoted left right and centre over the last month or so, which means for me it can either go one of two ways. I'm either going to completely hate it and not feel the hype what so ever, or I'm going to fall hook line and sinker in love and wear it to death. Thankfully for me, this one was the latter.
It was a mix of things really that got me so excited about this mascara; The hype, the branding, the fact it's from my favourite cosmetics brand, but also because it's come at the exact right time! My previous mascara fave, Miss Hippie which funnily enough is also from Loreal has ran out which makes me very sad!
As soon as I layered the product onto my lashes I noticed how nourishing and silky feeling the liquid is, which is quite a bizarre thing to say about a mascara. But it's only since looking into the product that I've realised it contains super nourishing caster oil which is fab and leaves my lashes feeling feather soft.
Another biggie for me is that this mascara claims to be flake free & as claims go that's a pretty big one! But let me tell you, it's bloody well true. I've worn this mascara now on countless occasions, rubbed my eyes, cried with laughter, so on and so forth, and it hasn't budged! It's great! All I need now is this in a waterproof formula.

My lashes were well and truly taken to paradise! Have you tried anything from the Loreal Paradise range? 

Claire. X

Friday, 4 August 2017

Fashion | Hounds Tooth Culottes

You may have seen that last week I tweeted about finding THE best fitting pair of culottes ever to grace my existence. Well hey presto & as if by magic!... Here they are. (Shortest & sweetest blog post intro ever).

These culottes were one of those purchases that I knew almost instantly as soon as seeing them I'd be wearing them for years to come. I could picture wearing them  with so many different pieces that I already have in my wardrobe & that excited me so much! I've been into fashion for as long as I remember, and even though I love everything that I've bought so far this year, this pair of culottes are something else! 

I only picked up one pair (at that time, teehee) but there were two other colours when I went into Primark, a beautiful dusky pink shade and a pale pastel grey pair... Which I have since purchased since photographing these images. Eek! Story of my life! But when you find something that fits absolutely perfectly I think you should go ahead and buy it in every blooming colour!

With the culottes being quite wide legged I've opted for a simplistic black silky Cami to counterbalance the silhouette, but threw over my trusty oversized aviator jacket. The jacket was quite a big purchase for me but I've worn it to absolute death making it so worth it! I love how casual this outfit is when everything's worn together, but I'm so excited to wear the culottes withg a white blouse and some killer black stilettos. Total Va-Va-Voom!
What's your take on culottes? How would you wear them come Autumn/Winter?

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